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European influence

image Emmaline, 3210 West Dallas St.

HOUSTON - Are you looking to escape to Europe? Well, you can, not literally, but influentially perhaps. Houston welcomes European influences blended with homegrown heritage and European classics with Emmaline, a local neighborhood restaurant with street side patio rare to inner-loop Houston. This new restaurant is the essence of a neighborhood kitchen, serving as a social and cultural thread for guests where genuine hospitality drives an ambiance of infectious energy.


     Located at 3210 West Dallas, ADB Commercial Construction Inc. brought to life the visions that Operating Partner Sam Governale  wanted to create with the foresight from architect Robert Fowler, ZK Building Design Inc.
    Construction of Emmaline consisted of the renovation of an existing structure with new addition add-ons for rear service and kitchen areas, a front upper dining balcony overlooking the street view along with exterior perimeter patio dining areas with new site parking areas. 
    The exterior of the building required new masonry brick to match the existing brick, and new stucco all of which was painted. New steel window walls and glazing, wood patio decks, decorative railing, and awnings were incorporated to enhance the look.
    The interior of the existing structure comprised of the refinishing of the existing wood and concrete floors as well as installation of new tile and carpet flooring.  New painted drywall and wood block panel wall finishes were also incorporated to give that extra added touch along with new architectural millwork cabinets and trim, architectural steel stairs and a combination of rustic/modern/contemporary materials and styles all melded together into one.
    Initial challenges consisted with the permitted drawing not accurately representing the true “aesthetics, feel and ambience” the owner had envisioned and was trying to achieve.  Weekly meetings were held with the owner/owner’s representatives and the architect to discuss the ever-changing design issues.  This was in every sense of the word a “design build” work in progress project. This particular project lived, breathed, evolved and matured each week as though it were a living child.
    An additional challenge was attempting to satisfy the City’s public works department and their requirements, which created a large burden upon the property utility designs due to the property being restricted in size and costly expenses. A design was worked out that was satisfactory and workable for all parties.
    In addition, the property was required to be re-platted, therefore adding another layer to the City’s approval process.
    Having to work around Super Bowl preparations and activities, and Hurricane Harvey created additional challenges with various subs and vendors. Regardless of the many challenges, the completion of Emmaline was done in 11 months with a cost of $1,885,000.
    The evolution and growth of this project made this project different from typical projects. Relationships and friendships were created, challenged and pushed to the edge to create in the end what we have today, something new to Houston, a commercial restaurant space made to feel residential.
    ADB Project Manager Kevin Thomas, along with Superintendent Art Frederick worked closely with Designer Ashley Putman, Owner Representatives Anna Hernandez and Sam Governale and the architect.  “The collaborative process with the designer, architect and owner was a positive and rewarding experience. The team members worked together and struggled together to solve whatever issues arose. The open relationship between the members allowed the resolution of potential issues to be addressed in a more efficient manner whether it was a plan coordination issue, an evolving design change, or a better construction technique implementation,” says Thomas.
    Established in 1983 by Guy Barrios, ADB Commercial Construction Inc. is a commercial construction general contractor in
Cypress, TX. -cmw

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