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Concrete design

image Aerial view of Whiteoak Industrial Park.

HOUSTON - In recent industrial construction, Third Coast General Contractors, LLC completed the project called Whiteoak Industrial Park. Project manager and superintendent Anthony Sarao and engineer Randy Rutherford with Dev-Tex Engineering, L.P, managed the project.




    Owner of Whiteoak Industrial Park is Steve Adkisson. The property is outside Houston city limits, located on Fairbanks N. Houston and Warren Street, north of W. Little York between Hwy 290 and Beltway 8. The industrial park provides great accessibility to freeways in Northwest Houston. Whiteoak Industrial Park has already sold and leased buildings. Houston demands for warehouses have increased with population growth.
    Taking a deeper look at the property, the new construction is set at 182,950-sf of dock high distribution buildings. There are eight buildings between 12,500 – 40,000-sf. It includes pre-engineered metal structures with tilt-wall façade, 33’-0 eve height with standing seam roof systems, metal building canopies with soffits and 135,00-sf of pavement. The main materials were concrete tilt wall and conventional structural steel. The total cost was $8.6 million.
    This projects uniqueness came from having installed a 250 horsepower electric fire pump that serves all eight buildings. The pump provides ESFR protection. Sarao says, the developer wanted to provide the ESFR sprinkler systems for all eight individual buildings to lower the cost by providing one fire pump to service all eight buildings, instead of putting a fire pump in all eight.”
    The time span of the project was only eight months. As Third Coast puts it, “It was a quick and easy project.” The project began in March and finished in November. During that time there were no large challenges for the team to overcome. It was just a matter of difficult weather (rain) that they faced. Sarao adds, “There is every day challenges, but they are just every day challenges.” We all can agree on that.
    The strong structure of Whiteoak was built upon the strong relationship between Third Coast, Adkisson Development and Dev-Tex. Larry Anderson of Third Coast, Steve Adkisson and Randy Rutherford of Dev-Tex have been working together on projects for the last 15 years. They have a great and strong relationship. Their long time friendship is what provided great communication along all lines of the project.
    Third Coast has over 25 years of experience in every phase of construction. Larry Anderson founded the company in 2012. Sarao remembers when they first started the team and approached him with hopes he’d join their venture. “I was young at the time and was able to make a move. I trusted Larry, knew he was a good guy and he did good work, so I took a chance and it has worked out for the best.” The office manager, Jennifer Stanley also shares a bond with Larry after previously working with him for 13 years. Stanley joined the team in 2014 and has been a part of the team’s ongoing success.
     Today the company has one office with six employees serving Houston and surrounding areas. Third Coast caters to private customers generalizing and specializing in tilt wall and prefabricated metal buildings.
    Third Coast General Contractors, LLC serve Houston and surrounding areas. –lv

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