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At the top of the list

image The custom designed fish tank wraps around to offer a full view.

HOUSTON - After a 5,400sf property sat in the cold shell stage for over five years, Robert Peska of Slade Shipping decided he wanted to purchase and build out the space.







    A Pro Top Construction, Inc. out of Conroe was hired to complete the $400,000 build-out, which was achieved in five months. Director of Operations Josh Konicki says “the foundation had settled and warped a bunch of trusses and joists that had to be removed and reset. There was no plumbing, electrical, there was really nothing.” With 25 years of experience in interior rehabs and restoration, this challenge could be overcome easily. 
    A Pro Top came into the project after another company had already begun working, but was unable to finish the space. The space was originally built with the intent of using it for three separate offices spaces, but Konicki and his team conjoined two of these spaces to create this one large office. 
    His team was able to give the office space a clean and inviting atmosphere with some unique features. The tile used on the floor and stairs is faux wood porcelain and stainless steel appliances can be found in the kitchen area. The most exciting feature is the custom designed wrap around fish tank in the reception area.
    The tank and the reception desk are finished with reclaimed wood of varying degrees of brown and add texture and contrast with the floors. The floors in the same area are tiles that resemble hardwood with the light and dark tan tones. Even though the reception area is designed with neutral colors, it receives a lot of natural light from the windows.
    There is a conference room off to the side which is encased in plate glass and two large windows offer bright, natural light.
    Another distinctive feature of the space is the blue pearl granite used in all of the counter areas, including the restroom. It offers an iridescent and high-gloss finish to the posh space.
    There is a spacious upstairs area where multiple offices and cubicles are located. This area also has lots of natural light and has a wide hallway that offers ample space to walk.
    According to Konicki, what makes this project unique is “the fact that we were able to provide suggestions on the finished design that the customers’ final decisions leaned heavily on.”
    Konicki says his clients were great to work with. “Ben, Bob, and Regina Peska were very easy to work with. There was an open line of communication that allowed for brainstorming and cumulative decision making.”
    Daniel Mazilu with PDN Consulting Inc., which specializes in green build-
ing, was the architect for the project. Roxanne Farias was the project coordinator and Danny Thigpen was the
project supervisor, both work for A Pro Top Construction, Inc.
    A Pro Top Construction, Inc. specializes in multi-family, commercial, and residential renovations. – te

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