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Far from basic

image The entrance to Accenture’s office provides multiple computer stations.

HOUSTON - Upon entering the new Accenture office, a person might feel like they are stepping into the future, and they are – the future of construction and design.







    Travis Bennett, the Project Manager from Basic Builders Inc., was able to complete the 6,400sf renovation in 12 weeks, even with some major setbacks.
    “We had some issues with the city approving some of our materials that were being used, but I was able to get approval in the end,” shares Bennett.
    Accenture uses strategies with innovative technology to help solve their clients’ challenges and they needed an office space to project that. The NanaWall glass systems, which were installed to help create a high-tech, futuristic look and feel, also form an area that is open and welcoming. Although there was a major design change with the glass wall space halfway through the project, Bennett and his team were still able to complete the project on time.
    “The space has a very cool layout and front entry area for clients with the LED backlit glass panel flat screens built into the portal structures,” Bennett explains.
    Designer Holly McKenzie, with Carson Design Associates, helped create a space that is modern and smart. The conference room includes a U-shaped white table with white office chairs. Unlike most conference rooms, which can seem stiff and stuffy, this one is open and provides space for clients and employees to walk around. The window space has a slanted design at the top, which makes the room seem larger as well. The focal point of this room is the multi-screen wall display. This allows for interactive presentations and employees can hold meetings via Skype or other types of media calling systems.
    One feature that is noticed throughout the entire space is the exposed ventilation system and pipes. Rather than looking harsh and unfinished, mixed metals have been used to emphasize the modern look and feel. The ventilation system is polished shiny metal, whereas the pipes are flat black.  
    Other aspects that stand out are the computers and screens quite literally everywhere. The entrance has four separate small tables with wheels. Each table has a different colored marking that looks like the “greater than” symbol and has a computer available for use. If you were to turn around, you would notice three more screens set into a white glass-like wall. 
    When Bennett explains that “Basic provides full turn-key, high-end construction and remodels and specializes in anything and everything in an interior space,” his company stands by that. The subcontractors and Basic have provided Accenture space that is descriptive of their company. – te

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