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Pearl in Pearland

image Questar Construction spent five months completing a warehouse and office space for West Texas Cooling Tower Fabrication and Supplies, Inc.

HOUSTON - With the manpower and ability to self perform, Questar Construction made sure that its recent project in Pearland, TX, was as good as it gets.

    In December, Questar completed a 30,000-sf warehouse and office building for West Texas Cooling Tower Fabrication and Supplies, Inc. The project features a 2,500-sf office space that reaches two levels.
    “It’s better for our customers because we’re able to be more competitive on pricing and it works out well,” project coordinator and sales manager Ron Riley said.
    The warehouse and office building was a ground-up project by Riley and the crew, taking five months to complete once the concrete was poured. Laying down the foundation was the hardest part of the project.
    “It was a single monolithic pour that we started on at 1 o’clock in the morning and finished about 2 in the afternoon,” Riley said. “It was a lot of trucks. The soil out there is kind of like a grey gumbo. We had to dig out several feet and bring in the stabilized soil and material. Then we built our foundation pad on top of that.”
    The $2 million project went smoothly and quickly, allowing West Texas Cooling to move in to its new home in a timely manner.
    “It was a short job,” Riley said. “The client was ready to move in because they had to move out of their other location, so we got it done real quickly. We had some little finishing up stuff to do, that we completed in December. They started moving their stuff in at the beginning of November.”
    Questar had around 25 guys working on the project and only had to sub out a few portions of the scope of work.
    “We self performed a lot of the work,” Riley said. “We only subbed out our mechanicals, of course: the HVAC and electric. We did most of it the with our own crews.”
    Questar has a diverse portfolio, constructing different types of ware-houses and buildings for particular uses.
    “We’re proud of all of our work and we did a really good job on that one,” Riley said. “It was a fun project. We’re really proud of it.
    “Before that project, we finished a warehouse for the United States Post Office, which was a huge storage facility and maintenance warehouse at their Aldine Westfield Facility. We worked on the Typhoon Texas Waterpark, where we worked under KDW on that. We did all of their buildings inside the water park.”
    Questar is a third generation, family-owned business that has been ran by Patrick Johnson since 2006. Its services include general contracting, construction management and design build, along with other services. 
    “We did all the interior build out and finishes,” Riley said. “We did a warehouse managers office upstairs just in the warehouse envelope, which was kind of cool.
    “It was a huge project but was one that we were able to facilitate and manage very effectively.–cs

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