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New digs

image Many coats of primer were used to cover up the bright yellow paint from the former daycare center that existed in Pampered & Twisted’s new location.

HOUSTON – Pampered & Twisted open its second shop in January with the new location located in Pearland after a renovation a a former daycare.

    Longhorn Maintenance was the general contractor on the project, and owner Ben Franklin is very happy with how it turned out. Longhorn has been in business for 11 years, but Franklin has been in the industry since 1985.
    “This is probably my third or fourth retail job like this. I was really proud to be a part of it and I hope she does well,” Franklin said.
    The new location had to change what was a bright and busy area, and the most challenging part for Franklin was covering up the yellow paint that covered the walls.
    “The walls were bright, bright yellow so we had to put several coats of primer on, then paint it the color she wanted,” Franklin said. “Her color scheme was very beautiful and after we got the painting done, we didn’t do anything with the flooring because it was in good shape.
    “The hardest thing was the paint because we had to kill that color. We probably had to use four or five more gallons of paint than what we expected to make it look right.”
    Franklin created custom shelving for owner Topaz Montague to display her products and built dividing walls to separate the different sections of the 1,100-sf store.
    “We built two partition walls that sectioned off the long strip center building and put doors in them,” Franklin said. “We had to tear down a wall to make the front showroom wide open.
    “We added the partition walls, got rid of the bright paint, got rid of the lettering but we made sure it looked clean. It was a good job, and she was a good tenant to work for.”
    Pampered & Twisted is an all-natural and organic beauty supply shop and in the new location, it is opening a salon to cater to its customers and show its products in action, as well as an event room for education on the products and holistic lifestyles.
    “As our second location, I had more flexibility financially to really have a vision about what I wanted, unlike our other location because we were just starting out,” Montague said. “What I liked about Ben is that he was able to translate my vision into exactly what I wanted. We just saw eye-to-eye throughout the project.”
    With the strict codes enforced by the city, Montague had to shell out an extra $6,000 to alter the existing sprinkler system with the dividing walls creating problems.
    “The most challenging part for me was the permit process,” Montague said. “My exposure was from the Houston perspective and all you had to do was drop off the form, pay the fee and when you’re scheduled, they come and inspect and you’re good to go.”
    The renovation itself cost $13,000, plus the fire system, and took just 10 days to complete.
    Montague chose the location in Pearland with a large percentage of her customers from the area and the businesses in the surrounding area.
    “About 35-40 percent of our cus-tomers in our Houston boutique have zip codes within that range, so I knew it was going be in Pearland,” Montague said. “When I was trying to scope out a location, I saw our next door neighbor was an alkaline water place. It seemed like a good fit.”–cs

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