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Buck truth


DALLAS – Castro Roofing of Texas’ AJ Rodriguez got this buck on a winter trip to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in Sherman. Estimated at 200 inches, this 15-pointer was shot with a bow and arrow, which is Rodriguez’ preferred method of hunting.

“Before shooting this buck, I watched him fighting another buck for a few minutes,” Rodriguez recalls. “After showing his dominance, he proceeded to walk down the trail where I had been stalking him for the last few days. When the moment of truth came, I was completely jacked up with adrenaline, so it was very difficult to maintain my composure. I remember my hand trembling as I began to draw the bow back. The interesting part for me is that once the bow is drawn, everything goes into slow motion, the adrenaline goes away and there is a feeling of complete relaxation. After the shot you go through everything that you experience before drawing back the bow, for what seems like a long time.” –mjm

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