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Hello, moto

image Flying on a bike in motocross gets Erika French closer to heaven.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - It doesn’t matter how many spills she takes, nothing can keep Erika French off of her bike.







    “I just love motocross; it’s my favorite thing to do,” French, the Lift365 Equipment Rental owner says. “My husband Mike used to race, and I got into it through him. All three of my daughters ride; it’s what we do as a family.”
    Whether they ride at River Valley, Village Creek or Oak Hill – “anything with a track,” the Switzerland native says – the French family loads up all of their bikes for the trip. French’s 8-year-old has a 50, her 11-year old has a 65, and her 19-year old prefers Mom’s bike. French calls herself “a little crazy”: In addition to motocross, she likes to fly, and was once studying for her helicopter pilot license.
    For now, she’s content to fly off of the ground and land on her bike wheels.
    “Right now, I’m scarred up from riding and I’ve broken my collarbone and wrist,” French says. “But, I’m in my 40s, and I think I have a couple of more good years left!” mjm

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