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Never again

image Shot at Indian Cave Ranch in Doss, TX Rothman with this nice 19-1/2 in. wide eight-pointer.

DALLAS/ FT WORTH - The conditions were perfect. The weather had been rainy and cold during the two days prior. There was no moon the night before. All indications meant that the deer would be moving.






    Stan Rothman with United Rentals had just climbed into his blind at half past three o’clock in the afternoon, Dec. 8. Before he could even get settled in, he looked up to see a young buck coming in from the north. Grabbing his binoculars, he stopped to check out the future stud more closely. Just a six-pointer, he was a beauty.
    A few minutes later another deer entered the scene, this one just a young spike. Watching the two deer feasting on corn and acorns, a young doe made an appearance. Meanwhile, off in the distance, something caught the attention of the six-pointer. Obviously intimidated, he trotted off into the brush.
    Seconds later, a nice 10-pointer made his presence known. He would be a shooter next year, Rothman thought watching the deer. Then came another buck and another. “What is going on?” thought Rothman. He could not believe his eyes.
    Before four o’clock, Rothman had seen at least nine bucks all varying in size and age. He watched the deer come and go. “I’ll probably never experience that again. The conditions were perfect. There would be two to three bucks hanging around at a time, all shooters.” –cmw

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