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Just ducky!

image “Henry/Henrietta” indulges in a mud facial.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - When she got her young daughter the ducks she wanted, Rhonda “Seay” Usher had no idea how attached she herself would become to the fair-feathered friends. Now on her second pair of ducks, the owner of Primitive Stone LLC has been delighted with the companionship and entertain-ment ducks provide.



    One surprise Seay received was the “gender reveal,” which didn’t happen until after Usher had already named them. “Marybeth” is actually a “Harold” but will only respond to his female name; “Henry” is a shortened form of “Henrietta” for the female duck. The couple are true soulmates, spending their days together gossiping, napping, swimming in their kiddie pool and dining on mud.
    “They have been a joy to our family! Who knew that two ducks and one great Pyrenees puppy would change our lives and family for the better?” Usher says. “They are also to me a reminder that when life gets stressful, just be a duck, and always remember to let it slide off your back.” –mjm

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