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Spotlight - Stuart A. Markussen, PE, RPLS, LEED AP, RLG Consulting Engineers

image RLG President/CEO Stuart Markussen and his wife

DALLAS/FT WORTH - A knack for math and science led Stuart A. Markussen to discover civil engineering in college and, as he pursued it after graduation, he soon discovered RLG. Now serving as the President and CEO of RLG, Markussen looks forward to taking the 65-year-old company into the future.




Share about your background.
    As a kid growing up, my family moved about every four years due to my father’s work. I experienced a lot of the country from the northern Midwest to the deep South.

What path did your life and career begin to take during and after high school?
    My junior year in high school, we moved from a small town in the northern Alabama hills to the flat lands of Lubbock, TX. This gave me the opportunity to attend Texas Tech, one of the nation’s best engineering schools. Since my academic strengths were in math and science and my interests were in construction-related projects, I chose the civil engineering major. I met my wife, Sarah, at Texas Tech and following graduation we were married and moved to Dallas.

How and what year were you introduced to RLG?

    I interviewed with several firms in Dallas when I graduated from college. I took a position at a firm that had an extensive history in Dallas. Through the boom and bust of the ‘80s, I competed against RLG for projects and clients. I developed a great respect for the firm’s history, expertise and capabilities.

Describe the trajectory of your career with RLG.

    In 1996, I joined the firm to lead the civil and survey departments. Within two years, I became a shareholder and moved into a firm leadership role. In October of 2018, I became the President and CEO of the firm.

How has the company evolved since it was founded in 1953 by Mr. Goodson?
    Founded in 1953 by Raymond L. Goodson, Jr., RLG Consulting Engineers started out as a civil and surveying firm with three employees. Since then, RLG has grown to over 70 employees in three offices and also provides structural engineering and forensics. RLG is recognized as one of the top engineering firms in Texas for our ability to attract and retain a talented, experienced team, known for their reputation for thorough and meticulous work.

Describe the company’s current scope of services.
    We specialize in civil engineering, structural engineering, surveying and forensics.

Describe the company culture.
    We are committed to creating enriching careers for our employees. We want our employees to be passionate about the work they do and have made a concerted effort to create a social environment for our staff. We started as a family-owned business and we want to carry over that foundation with our staff today.

What lessons have you learned in your construction career?
    I have learned that communication, coordination, and planning are key to successful construction projects. I feel it is important that design professionals develop a relationship with the constru-ction team to ensure their designs are efficient and constructible. This is also key to eliminating or minimizing misunderstandings, errors and mistakes.

What do you enjoy about your work?
    I enjoy being a part of the process of creating new developments. This includes meeting with the owner, design team, the city, and the contractor early in the project to identify possible issues that may come up. Proactively addressing these issues, instead of being reactive, is key to a successful project.

What plans are in place for the future of the company?
    The company has been in business for 65 years and is in its third generation of leadership. Two years ago, we started planning the transition to our current group of leaders. This included rewarding talented employees with ownership opportunities and the ability for them to provide continued growth for the company.

Please share about your life outside of the company.
    My outside interests are centered around family and friends. My wife and I have been married for 35 years and we have two grown children. Our daughter is a schoolteacher with Richardson Independent School District and our son is a Project Manager for CBRE. They are truly the most responsible and dependable young adults we know, and we are very proud of them. They both live close to us which has been great. I spend most of my weekends working with them on their home remodel and improvement projects. Every project has proven to be an opportunity to purchase a new tool. They both have learned how to create value in their homes and the pride in making it happen. My son and his wife have also blessed us with three of the most precious granddaughters grandparents can have. They are truly special. My other hobbies include building furniture, shooting shotguns and long-range rifles.

Do you think you will retire doing this work or do you have other plans?
    I love what I do and plan on working as long as I can, or as long as my wife will let me.
    RLG is a Dallas-based civil engineering, structural engineering, surveying and forensics company. –mjm

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