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Spotlight - Clint Pingleton, Crimson Landscape

image Clint Pingleton Founder and Owner Crimson Landscape Plano, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Clint Pingleton is no stranger to construction. His father taught him the industry and took Clint on a variety of remodeling jobs from the business he owned. Born and raised in the Dallas area, this fearless army veteran started Crimson Landscape in Plano, TX. The business continues to grow with many successful constructed landscapes.




Where are you from?
    I am from Mesquite, TX, which is close to Dallas. I grew up in the Dallas area all of my life.

What is your family life like?
    I met my wife in Mosul, Iraq. We were both in the army. She spent her high school years in Greenville, TX, east of Dallas. We have three kids. I wouldn’t mind seeing my kids join the military or getting involved in the family business. My 13-year-old son has been out with me on a few jobs. He has already seen how production and installation works, even meeting customers.

What were your interests growing up?
    I was interested in cars. It was an interest that I shared with my dad. I did not have any intentions of owning my own landscaping company when I was younger.

Where did you go to school?
    I went to high school in Mesquite. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in history from a military college in West Virginia. I chose a degree in history because every part of history is associated with some sort of military conflict.

What types of jobs did you have?
    I spent 11 years in the army. I also worked on construction related projects with my dad. My dad owned his own remodeling company. I remember vividly a time when I was 12 or 13-years-old helping him with sheetrock and hated it.  My dad taught my brother and I to be the “jack of all trades” when it came to construction. I learned how to do projects related to
remodeling, concrete and landscaping.

What is your service area?
    Dallas and Fort Worth.

What is the general overview of your business?
    We focus on immense construction landscaping - a designing and building firm that takes on huge terrain overhauls. Important landscape undertakings include concrete, earthwork, irrigation, drainage and landscape lighting. Crimson Landscape is not a lawn mowing service company; the concentration is on construction landscaping.
    There is uniqueness in what we do with irrigation, drainage, plants, landscape and lighting. All of these aspects have to come together in a specific way. There is an order to the way we do it and a reason behind it. Certain details in an overall project need to be done a certain way if it is going to be done correctly - Crimson Landscaping does just that.

What are some examples of the company’s services?

    When it comes to pools, we partner with a luxury pool builder who builds high-end custom pools. We do the finishing out, landscaping around the pool. Our company will complete all the things to make the pool area pretty once the pool is installed, like completing the irrigation, drainage and turf side of the project. We do pretty much anything outdoors not attached to the building.
    Our company makes it possible and practical for irrigation conservation. Watering systems include drip irrigation and nozzle sprays. People are able to manage their irrigation controller using Hydrawise from the web. The predictive watering schedules are based on anticipated weather changes. This feature provides maximum water savings and a healthy, beautiful landscape.
What is your work team like?

    We have about 12 employees. We do not subcontract at all. You won’t see us hiring individuals to complete different parts of the project. It is all done in house, which customers love. Crimson Landscape is a low-risk company because we are all trained and unified as a team. Customers know exactly what they are getting with us.

What is your most requested service?

    Designing and installation of landscape.

What are some examples of completed projects that stand out to you?

    Last year we received 65 days of rain during the time we were working on a large project in South Lake. Battling rain for three months was not fun, with lots of starts and stops to different jobs. Rain hits my company hard because we work strictly outdoors. As a construction company, we are dependent on dirt. If the dirt is too wet to work with, there is not much we can do on our end.
    At a hotel we were hired to fix a significant drainage problem. This particular hotel went through several contractors trying to find the right one. They chose us to relocate drainage irrigation and put in a soft pump system. We also needed to deal with the adjacent property to ensure correct water flow.

What phase of the project do you particularly enjoy?
    I enjoy working with customers and designing for them, 3D designing and video.

Did you have a mentor when starting your business?

    Not really. My wife is the one who kept me going. She has always been supportive. There is no book that can tell you how to own your business or how to prepare for owning your own business. Thankfully,
everything came together naturally.

What is the hardest part about your job?
    The hardest part would have to be the stress of learning the ins and outs of the construction industry in order to be compliant. There are so many government and legal requirements, as well as employee regulation laws and restrictions.

What is the greatest part about your job?

    The end result would have to be the greatest part because of the multiphase process, starting from creativity to execution. I spend countless hours on designing, which is a part that I love about the job. Customers trust us to spend six figures of their money into our company. It is exciting to earn their trust and for us to see the end result come together with happy customers.

What does the family like to do together?
    Traveling is a great way for us to spend time together. We take about two to three big trips a year usually in an RV. Our favorite trip was near the mountains in the Midwest of Colorado. To get away from the Texas July heat, we go anywhere in the mountains.

    Crimson Landscape is a construction landscape contractor in Plano, TX. - tnp

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