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Employee benefits

image NexRev Inc. CEO Kenneth Smith

DALLAS – For NexRev Inc. employees, the 20th anniversary party specially created for them by company CEO Kenneth Smith was just icing on the cake.

    After all, their average workday could be considered a celebration. NexRev’s 45,000-sf Plano headquarters provides them with a racquetball court, a gym, a ping-pong table, an arcade-style video game as well as a “fish room” outfitted with comfy chairs and an aquarium. Even the conference rooms reflect the employees’ tastes; the “Champions Room” dedicated to (and designed by) Smith’s sales group features motivational wall murals of their favorite sports teams.
    The employee VIP treatment begins even as they walk through the office’s front door. A wooden tree made by Smith’s own hands can be seen through a lobby window. The trunk and branches bear the names of the companies NexRev serves, and the roots are reserved for individual employees. After a year of employment, Smith, who is a skilled woodworker, hand-carves a “root” bearing the employee’s name and attaches it to the wall for all to see.
    For Smith, the “We value our employees” motto isn’t just a mission statement platitude. He goes above and beyond to make sure his staff feels valued every day, not only at company events.
    “It has a lot to do with the type of people that we bring in here, a lot to do with our field technicians that travel all over the United States,” Smith explains. “We’re asking a lot of commitment from them and a big commitment from their families. When we have celebrations, we want to demonstrate to them and their families that this is a growing, strong place to work and it’s a good sacrifice. We have great parties and lots of fun.”
    The anniversary party was no exception. A bounce house, slide, children’s lounge, photo booth – and yes, lots of icing on a very large cake – was made available for them to enjoy.
    Smith remembers his own days as an employee, and what motivated him to start his own company.
    “I’ve always been very independent in wanting to push hard with technology on my own,” says Smith, a master electrician licensed to do business in all 50 states. “When I started in this industry, I worked for some smaller companies that were moving a little slower and didn’t like to innovate. I knew I was always going to be pushing up against an owner or a boss that wouldn’t allow that to happen, so I knew I needed to start my own company.”
    The success he has met with 20 years later is not something he takes for granted.
    “You hope for it,” he says. “I have much loftier goals that are even grander than this place here, but as difficult as it is, it’s nice to pop your head up and say that we’re actually getting somewhere.”
    NexRev focuses on multisite energy management and control systems for retailers, restaurants, convenience stores and entertainment theatre companies. The company’s services include test & balance, installations and systems integration. –mjm

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