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A career in pier

image Pier Pressure Foundation Repair’s Kyle Goudy

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Pier pressure is a feeling Kyle Goudy knew all too well at one time. When he started flipping houses in 2009, he kept running into the same frustrating problem.






    “We had so many issues with foundations and kept on getting different opin-ions on how we should fix them from different foundation companies,” Goudy remembers. “Finally, I just went out and bought the equipment and we did it all ourselves. We started Pier Pressure Foundation Repair in 2013.”
    Six years later, the company has added a sales and office team, and revenue is higher, but the scope of services still focuses exclusively on foundation repair, with 98 percent of the work devoted to concrete. Pier Pressure Foundation Repair works on residential and small commercial, and services all of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and up to 30 miles in the surrounding areas.
    With the company’s 5-year anniversary under his belt, Goudy reflected on what he has learned since starting the business.
    “I learned to kind of keep it simple,” he says. “[I’ve learned] how to streamline, how to sell to people, to make them understand what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and making sure they understand everything along the way.”
    Goudy also feels ready to expand the company’s scope of services.
    “We’re going to probably start offering plumbing – since it works hand-in-hand with what we do – within the next year,” he says.
    When that happens, he has a team he can count on, including his oldest son, Ahren, who focuses on repairs, office work and communication with investors. His middle son, who is 21, has also shown an interest, and his 13-year-old is always welcome anytime he is ready.
    “I would like to keep the business in the family,” Goudy says. “With three sons, one of them will probably end up staying there.”
    Subcontractor Pier Pressure Foundation Repair is in Carrollton. –mjm

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