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Goal post

image Post-Tension Services of Texas’ Justin Zuckerbrow

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Two years into co-owning Post-Tension Services of Texas, Justin Zuckerbrow is still caught off guard when someone calls him “boss.”






    “Sometimes, I have to pinch myself and say, ‘It’s my company.’ Sometimes I don’t even think it’s my company, because I’m just working hard,” Zuckerbrow says. “People say, ‘Hey, boss,’ and I think, ‘Oh, yeah, I guess I am!’”
    One thing that he always knows for sure is his work in post-tension.
    “I have a rich family history being in construction,” Zuckerbrow says. “My father started in construction after moving from New York in 1977; he met my mom and I was born in 1978. He was already in the post-tension business at that time, which was really new tech-nology at that time. I’ve been around it all of my life.”
    After earning a Business Management degree from Ouachita Baptist University
in 2001, Zuckerbrow worked in sales at
Acme Brick and Suncoast Post-Tension. He then served as Vice President of Business Development for Tella Firma and focused on the commercial market. Still, he dreamed of striking out on his own in the industry. With his dad’s business partner’ son, Derek Tuttle, he founded Post-Tension Services
of Texas.
    “I went back to my roots of what I really know: post-tensioning,” Zuckerbrow says. “I have so many contacts and rela-tionships that I had cultivated over the years, from residential to multi-family.”
    Zuckerbrow’s father is not involved in Post-Tension Services of Texas, but as Zuckerbrow handles the company’s sales and marketing, he now has a whole new respect for his father’s early days in sales.
    “I thought he just drove around talking to people,” Zuckerbrow says with a chuckle. “He was actually a very good salesperson. I learned a lot from him.”
    Even with Tuttle overseeing opera-tions and accounting, Zuckerbrow worked hard to kick off the company.
    “It was very difficult at first trying to go back to my old customers because I was gone from Suncoast from two years,” Zuckerbrow admits. “It was a bit of a time lapse, but I started bidding commercial and multi-family type projects. I got a couple here and there. Then, what is really driving us to keep us busy is the residential market. I just plugged away and finally we have a good steady amount of work. The start of year two has been really good. We’ve been growing quite rapidly this year and we’ve added a number of employees, equipment and trucks.”
    The company’s success has made Zuckerbrow and Tuttle comfortable enough to consider future plans.
    “We want to steadily grow in the next three to five years and have a good market share of the post-tension industry business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area,” Zuckerbrow says. “We eventually want to open up a location in the San Antonio and Austin market; we see that as a big area. I think we want to eventually expand into the elevated post-tensioning business. We want to do a little bit of it, but not much. We really want to get into the higher-end commercial [projects]. We are doing some parking garages, but we want more high-rises.”
    At the moment though, Zuckerbrow is just wrapping his head around being a company owner.
    “Sometimes I don’t even know I own the company because it’s just what I know, in that I’m here to make sure that the 30 people who work here now have jobs,” he says. “I enjoy that this is my business. I worked hard for other corporations and I’m doing the same thing [for myself] and I’m enjoying it. It’s what I know and love. I’m doing it for my family, and my family will benefit from it one day.”
    Subcontractor Post-Tension Services of Texas is located in Dallas. –mjm

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