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A growing D&L

image The D&L team – L-R: Brian Littlefield, Miranda Littlefield, Dorothy Stephens, Jason Parrott, Ryan Minonno, Ashley Berzon and Chris Berzon.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Built on a foundation of quality, service and performance, D&L Construction was created in 2005. In February 2018, Chris Berzon and Brian Littlefield bought the company with visions to outperform their client’s expectations. “Our promise to our clients is to deliver projects on time, on budget and with complete satisfaction,” says Berzon. “We want to provide high quality commercial construction services that are predictably cost-effective and on-schedule by employing best practices to deliver exceptional results for every client and for every project.”

    As the new owners began the process of taking ownership of D&L, they began looking at ways to grow the company. The first step was to hire a new project manager to shadow the company’s retiring project manager. Jason Parrot joined the D&L team and has become instrumental in the company’s substantial one-year growth. He grew up in the construction industry spending his teenage years working alongside his father who was a superintendent.
    Formerly just a two-person operation, D&L Construction has grown in both personnel and an established project log. The company has two project managers, superintendents and a dedicated officer manager.
    In addition to growing the company with a good support team, the company has visions to capitalize on the relationship they have, nurture new relationships and expand out and around the metroplex. “We are actively trying to grow the company outside of Fort Worth and Tarrant County,” says Berzon.
    Specializing in tenant finish-out, the D&L team is well experienced in ground-up construction and looks forward to growing their experience as a full-service general contractor. They have a background with historical building and government facilities and are currently finishing up a project for a new restaurant for one of Fort Worth’s most renown chefs, John Bonnell, and business partner, Ed McOwen.
    D&L Construction is a GC specializing in tenant finish-out in Fort Worth. -cmw

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