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image Qasem Sharif, owner of ALM Environmental Consultant

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Originally from the Middle East, Qasem (“KC”) Sharif came to the Metroplex in 1980 for school and has made the Big D his home ever since. “Dallas is a great city to live in,” he said. He’s even a solid Cowboys fan.





    Sharif studied electronic technology while in college but took some classes in environmental studies. That led him to work for another environmental impact company for many years. The last 10 years, he was a subcontractor for them.
    In good American fashion, Sharif started his own environmental consulting outfit – ALM Environmental Consultant - in 2016. The four pillars of ALM (pronounced “A - L - M,” not “Alm”) are asbestos, mold and lead consulting, and environmental site assessment.
    Texas and federal laws govern all of these. (Sharif has to stay current yearly on the latest rules and regulations coming down from the EPA, OSHA, etc.) “There are a lot of rules you have to follow,” Sharif said.
    Company X will call upon ALM when they want to build something, knowing that certain protocols have to be followed per regulation. ALM will then advise in the categories mentioned.
    Asbestos, for instance, even though not used since 1985 in America, can still come into this country from products made in other countries. ALM will determine if an abatement company has to remove asbestos in order to proceed with the project. 
    Mold is an issue in the moist climate of Texas. “Mold will always be here, forever,” Sharif said. Fortunately, “Mold can be easily cleaned.” Sharif cited the mold that happens after a major storm, such as Hurricane Harvey.
    Environmental site work comes in three phases: the history of the land (i.e., did a gas station used to sit on this property at one time?), soil samples to test for contamination, and any clean up required.
    Indoor air quality is ALM’s biggest service. “We service mostly the DFW area,” Sharif said, “but we’ll go anywhere in Texas. The environmental field is so wide.”
    Sharif’s experience in starting a company in America was smooth: “It’s really easy to start a business in the United States, especially in Texas. Growth is in our agenda, but we’ll grow slow, not fast.”
    Having ALM in DFW helps keep Texans safer and breathing easier.
    ALM Environmental Consultant offers a wide range of environmental services, located in Fort Worth. -dsz

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