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Rolling out the relaxation

image The Contractor Direct Metal Supply team.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Natalie and Rick McCall make sure that when their employees and customers walk into Contractor Direct Metal Supply (CDMS) each day, their stress levels go down, not up.





    “Our metal fabrication shop is on our farm in McKinney,” Rick says. “We have four-wheelers, all kinds of animals and we even shoot guns out there. There are times when everybody ends up there, either picking up material or checks or finishing up the week. We have a fire pit and a nice porch with rockers on it and we’ll all sit down.”
    Rick says customers also relax as they sense his employees’ tight bond. The McCalls fostered this by supporting employees in quickly and transparently resolving workplace conflicts.
    “Our employees are very comfortable and work together really well,” Rick says. “We provide such a better front to our customers because we don’t have things festering inside.”
    Natalie, the company’s owner and operator and Rick, the CFO, know how to bring out the best in the many companies they have established and currently run. CDMS, which they started in 2011, has expanded to offer custom sheet metal fabrication, job site roll-forming, commercial and residential seamless caps, chimney caps, flat sheet and coil supply and more. The McCalls are content, but look toward the future.
    “I would like to see at least two or three times the volume we’re doing now. In order to employ more people, I think that is relatively attainable in the next few years,” Rick says. “We also are looking to leave legacies in all of the businesses we own. We’re a couple of years from our last child leaving the house and we would like to untether from the day-to-day grind. We have groomed and handpicked those we want to bless with leaving these businesses. I feel like we are not only working on our future but helping to create new entrepreneurs, opportunity and success for those people we are involved with every day.”
    Supplier Contractor Direct Metal Supply is in McKinney. –mjm

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