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Pave of the future

image North Texas Paving LLC has grown and taken many roads since its start 25 years ago.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - In 1994, North Texas Paving LLC started out patching a pothole here, doing a little seal coating there. Today, the company does so much more than just a little of anything.






    “We have really grown over the years,” company founder Allen Buchanan says. “We’re a full-service paving company. We do pothole patching, seal coating, overlays, new construction, chip and seal, concrete, energy, and subdivision developments. In the past three years, we have gotten really deep into subdivision developments.  We also have a growing list of cities and small municipalities for which we have begun to do street repairs and road developments as well as road and street repairs for utility contractors. We have a pretty good list of developers that use us and in the last three years have probably done 50 extremely large subdivisions that we’ve covered with asphalt and chip and seal. We have a very good client base, a lot of Fortune 500 companies that we have continuously done work for over the past 25 years.”
    North Texas Paving LLC has grown to nine employees, runs two full-time crews and has offices in Aubrey, Forney, Fort Worth, Pilot Point and Weatherford which serve clients within a 200-mile radius of the D/FW area. In six months, North Texas Paving LLC will move its headquarters, which are currently in Forney, to a new facility in Canton, TX (the Forney location will still be in operation).
    Buchanan says the company’s success can be directly credited to his team and making sure clients are always informed of the process.
    “I like to educate my clients,” Buchanan says. “My whole view is that, when you educate a client, it is easier to work for them. I try to explain everything that we’re doing. I don’t leave anything to chance. I educate the clients on the steps that we take, what each step does, and how we’re different from other clients. We’re a very customer service-driven company.”
    The company’s focus on its internet marketing has also contributed to the company’s success.
    “We have eased in to the millennial age, I guess you could say,” Buchanan says. “Our internet presence is extremely strong. We currently have some very strong internet marketing campaigns and we stay on the cutting edge of internet marketing, because that’s the wave of the future.
    Speaking of the future, Buchanan sees no limit to where the company can go.
    “We’re growing in leaps and bounds. It’s not an isolated section; I would say 70% of our work is commercial and 30% is residential,” Buchanan says. “We plan to just keep on growing and expanding. We don’t have a limit on what we want to do; we want to do everything. Our slogan is ‘Paving Without Limits.”
    North Texas Paving LLC is a full-service paving company in Forney, TX. –mjm

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