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Iron entrance

image Customized iron door from Venom Iron Doors

DALLAS/FT WORTH - A family owned business, Venom Iron Doors, brings people their dream iron door. The company provides customers with a fulfilled experience every step of the way, from handshake to years of warranty. Christin Myers runs the business with her husband and kids. With 20 years of experience in design and construction, Myers and her team continue to succeed.





    As the master designer, Myers has always had an interest in art and design. Years ago, she noticed iron doors becoming more popular. To utilize her talent, she enjoys designing custom-made iron doors. There is not a specific favorite design for Myers; she loves them all.
    Dallas and Fort Worth is where Venom Iron Doors are installed. The main location is in Fort Worth. Recently, the business expanded into Granbury, TX with a new shop.
    On the website, there are many door designs to look through and choose from, although it is fun to customize a new one. Myers is there for consultations. She examines the door structure and plans the design with the customer. There are so many details that go into customization, choosing from glass, color, style and hinges. It can be overwhelming at times, but Myers is there to make the whole process at ease.
    Myers looks forward to every design and consultation learning about the customer’s style and preferences, “Every single time that I have drawn a design for someone, it is intense. It is like waiting for a baby to arrive. I am just as excited as the customer to see the final product.” Most installations are fully completed within a day once the door is made and ready. It is rare for the installation process to exceed over one day.
    The company provides services to both residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor. These iron doors can be used as decorative or for functional use. Myers also designs gates for gardens and patio entryways.
    Venom Iron Doors is a design and installation contractor in Fort Worth, TX. –tnp

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