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Brother framers

image Quality Craftsman Inc. owner, Tim Stevens with wife Danielle, enjoying their vacation.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Both brothers, Tim Stevens and Scott Stevens, learned the work of framing from their father. Their dad was a builder in Fort Worth, TX back in the 1970s. The art of building is “in the blood.” Tim and Scott became heavily involved in framing throughout college. Scott became a real estate broker and Tim was a profit and loss manager for several years. In the early 2000s, the brothers started updating homes in old neighborhoods.


    They bought and gutted out homes, fixing them up and selling them again. Open houses were done “religiously”, every single week. It was also an opportunity to receive honest feedback from their renovations. The brothers took the suggestions seriously.
    One time they received a couple of statements that the inside was more appealing than the front; there was no curb appeal. So, windows were added to the front elevation, and the property was sold in less than a month. Over time, the Stevens brothers met many faces and began receiving requests for renovations. This led to Quality Craftsman Inc. where Tim Stevens holds the title as owner and Scott Stevens as marketing director.
    The business serves Dallas, TX areas, mostly north of the city. Indoor and outdoor renovations and add-ons for every room are provided. The business primarily serves extreme renovations and feel they are more of a value to those type of projects, “the more complex, the better.”
    The designs are done within the business and are engineered outside the firm. On larger projects, the company works with a trusted architect who specializes in custom designing. Quality Craftsman Inc. assists clients with the selection stages and manages the construction process from start to finish. They make the entire construction progression as painless as possible. They update clients every step of the way and are upfront about details and deadlines. They also like for clients to be upfront about desired deadlines so that everyone involved is on the same page.
As a “user-friendly service,” the company goes beyond for their customers.
    “We jokingly tell our clients that we are fun guys, but we are not fun guys after six months!” Tim said. “Point being that we want to get in and knock out the job quickly, so they can get back to their lives and enjoy their living space.”
    Quality Craftsman Inc. consists of a large experienced team. There are trusted architects, designers and subcontractors. There are five full-time employees with various expertise that facilitate projects. Tim and Scott have over 30 years of experience, and the crew are highly experienced as well.
    The core of the business is updating and adding space to properties when moving is not an option. The renovating option saves money and time as well. There are many circumstances that arise for the reason of adding onto space and Quality Craftsman Inc. finds a way to make it work.
    “Some have a need for a separate living space for their teenage children. Some have a need for multi-generational living like a mother-in-law suite,” Tim explained. “The challenge is fitting all the required features into a finite footprint and making it aesthetically pleasing so that is does not look like an extra box added on.”
    Tim and Scott both enjoy every step of the construction process. The exciting part is once the framing is done and there is a set shape to work with. In the business of customer service, they look forward to working with clients and listening to their ideas. The planning stage is a fun part for clients too because they get to select the styles and the designs they have always dreamed of. Of course, the best part is when the project is complete and listening to the client’s excitement. Quality Craftsman Inc. receives their business from word of mouth and referrals. That is why their reputation is so important to them; they want to maintain being known for providing quality work and customer service.
    Quality Craftsman Inc. is a renovation construction contractor in Dallas, Tx. -tnp

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