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You say it’s your birthday?

image Two of Star Foundation Repair’s guys really getting into their work on a home.

DALLAS/ FT WORTH - Mirella Garza has no difficulty remembering what year she and her business partner Johnny Rubio started their business Star Foundation Repair.







    “I know it was 20 years ago, because it coincides with my daughter’s age,” Garza remembers. “She was born in 1999, and that’s when we opened the company.”
    Both Garza’s daughter and Star Foundation Repair have grown up together. Today, the company offers foundation repair, general contracting, French drain installation, retaining walls and more for commercial and residential clients.
    There was a time, however, when the clientele was much more specific. In the beginning, Star Foundation Repair only took on projects for retired police officers and firefighters. After it was decided to advertise to different types of customers, business boomed. Garza and Rubio now employ a team of six to deliver quality work to the D/FW area. Work volume continues to be strong for Star Foundation Repair but Garza and Rubio keep the company’s growth in check.
     “The business has really grown,” Garza acknowledges. “We started off very small and we want to keep it small. We don’t want to be a company that overcharges because they have a lot of overhead. We want to be in the middle. I don’t want to get in over my head because I like having a family company.”
    Speaking of family, a special someone has a birthday approaching! With Garza’s daughter soon celebrating her 20th year, that means Star Foundation Repair will be blowing out 20 candles as well. Does this mean Garza might be hosting a double birthday party?
    “I haven’t even thought about it! In the past, we’ve only thought of my daughter’s birthday. Maybe I should tell her that this year, instead of celebrating her birthday, we’re celebrating the company’s!” Garza jokes with a laugh.
    Foundation subcontractor Star Found-ation Repair is located in DeSoto. –mjm Save & return to list

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