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Acoustical aspiration

image RBDG design principal, Richard Schrag, working on a current studio project

DALLAS/ FT WORTH - He achieved success and continues his success because of career goal aspiration. Richard Schrag has been interested in architectural acoustics as an applied science before college. Forty years ago, that particular degree route was not common. Schrag had to leave his farming community in South Dakota to follow his dream.




    It was a narrow path, but it was what he wanted. Schrag graduated from Iowa State University. He obtained a Bachelor of science in electrical engineering, as well as a Masters of science in engineering mechanics.
    After college, Schrag was a consultant for an acoustical consulting firm in the early 1980s. This particular position was in Dallas, TX, so he needed to make another big move. It was definitely an interesting transition, moving from a small rural community to a busy, large city in Dallas. As Schrag recalls, “Each of those transactions was something like a 50-fold increase in population size, so I sometimes look back and wonder how I got here.”
    Within the Dallas acoustical consulting firm, Schrag had met Russ Berger. It was destined for them to meet because it impacted their future careers for the better.Working at the firm together for nearly a decade, they were and still are a great team. They eventually left to start their own design and consulting firm.
    Russ Berger serves as president and Schrag as design principal at Russ Berger Design Group (RBDG). The firm’s expertise is in architecture and acoustics. Many jobs are for television, radio, broadcasting and recording studios; for example, National Public Radio and Univision. In addition to commercial services, RBDG has also provided  and installed a variety of residential media rooms for home owners. Many other technical services are provided for learning environments, theatres and corporate production spaces.
    Having completed projects from all over the country, Schrag has experienced many unique, challenging designs and installations. He has been fortunate to have been involved with major names such as, NFL Films and Sweetwater. The company has designed over 80 public radio stations from all over the country. They are based in Texas, but most work is done out of the state. The company stays productive attending to 30-40 requests at a given time.
    Schrag has met and worked with various recording artists to provide them their perfect studio. In Arlington, TX, a new studio was recently designed for gospel artist, Kirk Franklin. Schrag has seen local auto dealership ads featuring this artist, “It is fun to be watching TV and see your work, particularly when it involves a best-in-class artist like Kirk.”  
    Currently RBDG is working on a recording studio in downtown Dallas. Schrag is excited to be able to do something great for the kids at Booker T Washington High School, “It is great to see how such talented students will be able to use that space to create the kind of recording projects and audition materials that might launch major careers.”
    A fun and creative yearly tradition is during Christmas; it started from the very beginning. A local artist came in and created a customized holiday card, which included the staff at RBDG. It is different each year, and everyone looks forward to it from clients, colleagues and friends. Each card has been posted on the company’s main webpage under the resources tab.
    The busy atmosphere, “changing hats minute-to-minute and keeping all the spinning plates in the air,” is what Schrag enjoys most. Throughout the day, he is juggling multiple clients and projects during different phases, but Schrag would not have it any other way. Schrag utilizes his acoustical talents in his spare time as well. He is an amateur pianist and transcribes jazz piano solos from admired artists.
    Russ Berger Design Group (RBDG) is an acoustical and architectural design firm in Dallas, TX. -tnp

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