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The floor’s the thing

image Walter Vaughn, owner of Vaughn’s Floors and More

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Walter Vaughn started laying carpet with his father early on, and that was all it took for him to find his calling.







    “I love to do it,” he said. “Dad got me started.”
    Since all dad did was carpet, Vaughn would tag along with the guys who did tile and other flooring installations, learning the craft from them. Even though he learned, Vaughn also just has a bent for it. “It comes natural,” he said.
    Vaughn’s Floors and More was incorporated around 2014. Vaughn had worked plenty as a sub-contractor for others, and it was time to call his own shots.
    “I love changing a house,” he said. “I make a difference.”
    With his design skills and knowledge of the many materials from which one can chose, Vaughn loves helping the customer not be so overwhelmed with it all. “90% of the time, they take my advice,” he said. “I’m a people person. Once you talk to somebody and get to know them, I can tell them what they really want.”
    Very often, a simple job snowballs into many jobs on a house. The reason: the contrast between the new and old. “One you do something new, it makes the rest look older,” Vaughn said.
    When Vaughn bids on a job, he’ll pad the time so as to make sure he isn’t rushed, which could lead to him missing important details, which might compromise quality.
    “I’m an honest person,” he said. “I’m not trying to gouge you for every penny, because that’s not what it’s all about.”
    What it is about is going home at the end of the day knowing he served his customers, not to mention the feeling Vaughn gets when the floor is just right. “It’s not finished until the floor is done,” he concluded. So while Vaughn does more than floors, it always comes back to the floor. “It’s very satisfying,” he said. “I love it.”
    When the die-hard Cowboys fan attends a game, maybe he looks at the field and thinks some new tile would be what Jerry really wants.
    Vaughn’s Floors and More services the Metroplex from Midlothian. -dsz

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