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A bold, new Concept

image L-R: Danny Hendrix and Adria Findley overlook and discuss plans for an upcoming project.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - May didn’t just bring flowers – Concept Surfaces LLC President Geoffrey Gross ushered in a new way of experiencing tile. On May 1, Gross opened a 40,000sf facility located at 1300 Crampton St. – around the corner from Concept’s previous three-building complex – and the new space showcases tile inside and out. Interior Architects (IA), LPA Design Studios and general contractor Abstract Construction helped Gross bring his vision to life.


    “In this facility, we have truly turned a home for our business into something we’re excited about,” he says. “There is a 7,000sf showroom and a state-of-the-art workspace. The warehouse allows us to optimize our business; we can get client customers in and out in a much more timely manner. We’re showing product in a way that we’ve never been able to. It’s a venue that has set forth something completely different than other tile showrooms with a focus on commercial interiors, designers and architects.”
    One highlight is the exterior of a ventilated façade system. Another is an abundance of light, thanks to large win-dows and solar tubes. Color temperature lights are also positioned above the design area so that, when clients from a certain market sector choose tile, that sector’s typical color temperature is used over it.  Except for the ceiling, every space in the new facility is covered in porcelain tile – even the party-friendly roof, which boasts 2cm tiles and an unobstructed view of downtown Dallas. There is also now room for the much-needed 5ft. by 10ft. porcelain slab conference table.
    Gross says that the venue is the perfect place to host industry events, and he plans to host his own open house soiree in the fall.
    “It is amazing to see it come to life,” he says. “It not only represents the people we have here but where Concept Surfaces is going. We want those we work with to come and experience this. We believe that once they do, they won’t want to go anywhere else.”
    Concept Surfaces LLC is in Dallas. –mjm

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