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A painting pair

image Clay Kinser, owner of Castle Painting & Remodeling

DALLAS/FT WORTH - The husband and wife team of Clay and Diana Kinser run Castle Painting & Remodeling by combining their gifts and talents.






    Clay started his company in 2013 after spending years painting for others. He was a salesman for his brother and cousin’s painting company when he realized he was the only one of the three with actual painting experience. “I was out doing the selling,” he said, “and not getting much of the benefits. I thought I might as well start my own company.”
    Diana is a retired teacher but also an accomplished painter in her own right, although it’s oil on canvas that is her medium. “He paints houses and I paint landscapes,” she said.
    For Castle Painting, Diana not only runs the office, but also handles all the marketing and website.
    The painting pair must be doing something right because in the six years of being open for business, Castle Painting has won several awards: one of the top three for the Best of Denton County each of the past five years, as well as first place in the Best Custom Painting and Best Home Renovations.
    Clay doesn’t do the hands-on painting anymore. “I just supervise,” he said. “Once you reach a certain age…it’s time to hand the torch to somebody else.”
    Those “somebodies” are his tested and trusted crew. “We’re very picky,” Diana said. “We wanted to get the best [painter]. We want to make sure the people we hire have the same work ethic and same attention to detail that we do.”
    When Clay began Castle Painting, he already had folks in mind to be his guys. He has a regular crew of six men and another crew of four he calls on when he gets busy.
    It took about two to three weeks for Clay to get his first customer. A fellow member of his church first hired him, then other church friend. Then the word started getting out. The rest, as they say, is history.
    Along with painting, Castle Painting & Remodeling does exactly that - remodel. Clay has subject matter experts in each specialty (tile, floor, plumbing) that he works with regularly.
    Castle’s business is all over the Metroplex. “We’ll go just about anywhere,” Clay said, but there are limits. “If I can’t make it in the Metroplex, I don’t need the work,” he added.
    The Metroplex keeps him plenty busy, however. “I put 30,000 miles a year on my vehicle, just running around,” he said.
    Clay does all the bidding and estimating, calling on his years of experience to know how much paint to use and how long the job will take. He said he never leaves more than a little paint for touching up, never large amounts because he estimates correctly and it’s “second nature” to him.
    Many times a simple job will lead to another. A new paint job may inspire a homeowner to do a new backsplash or new floor. Doing an interior job may lead to an exterior job because of the satisfied customer. Or, watching an HGTV show might inspire a customer to take the plunge to remodel.
    Clay is proud of his fair and consistent pricing. “A 12 x 12 room in a $10 million dollar mansion takes the same amount of paint as a 12 x 12 room does in a $100,000 house. That’s the way I look at it.”
    Since Clay started, styles and tastes have certainly changed. Out are popcorn ceilings and tacky wallpaper from the ‘70s. People now prefer to texture their walls and then paint over them.
    Some day the Kinsers will leave the company to their son. He will inherit an award-winning company that works hard to earn the customers’ trust. “We have such a good reputation in the community and with customers,” Diana summarized, “that we have a lot of repeat business.”
    They are quite a painting pair.
    Castle Painting & Remodeling are contractors in the Metroplex, based in Aubrey. -dsz

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