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Keeping Dallas safe and clean

image HP EnviroVision team standing in front of office building

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Tom Palet had his heart set on environmental construction from an early start in college. Palet graduated with a Masters in environmental public health at the University of Wisconsin. Growing up in Ashland, WI, he moved to Texas shortly after graduation. During his internship in Dallas, TX, he gained experience by monitoring asbestos projects, even for a local school district.


    Not long after completing his internship, Palet was an engineering consultant for roughly eight years. In the fall of 1992, he bought into HP EnviroVision in Dallas and started it from the ground up. Currently, there are over 100 employees servicing Dallas and surrounding cities. Soon the company will be expanding into other markets where they are newly licensed, such as Arkansas and Oklahoma.
    HP EnviroVision is an environmental remediation and interior demolition contractor. The company provides interior demolition services to projects that are hazard-free as well. Highly requested services are asbestos abatement and interior demolition. Environmental risks that the company also specializes in are mold and lead paint. On-going service and maintenance takes place in many big named establishments, such as airports, manufacturers, retail stores, etc.
    What makes HP EnviroVision unique is the cleanliness provided during the entire process of interior demolitions, “We are specialized where dust control is highly needed, for example restaurants and hospitals.” As dirty demolition projects can be, Palet stresses on the importance of a safe and uncontaminated interior demolition service that his company executes. 
    As president of an environmental construction corporation, Palet loves interacting with clients and solving challenges, “I have the opportunity to meet and work with a diversity of people. Every job we do is different, and there are always new challenges in this industry; it is always fun.”
    HP EnviroVision is an environmental construction contractor in Dallas, TX. -tnp

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