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It’s a stone’s go

image Taylor Wynn, co-owner of Design Masters Sand And Gravel

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Twenty years after he purchased a landscape business, Erich Wynn noticed some green grass on the other side in Rockwall: Stone-related landscape contracting company Design Masters Sand And Gravel. Recognizing a great opportunity, Erich bought that company as well and, with son/company co-owner Taylor Wynn, has spent the past five years growing it.




    “We purchased a dump truck and a skid loader and started learning about aggregate materials and gravel and sand deliveries,” Erich says. “Then, Taylor got involved in a sales capacity in helping me expand and market our business to customers in need of those type of services. Now we’re up to 11 or 12 employees and we’ve expanded our service market to include driveway restoration and deliveries of crushed concrete and asphalt.”
    Design Masters Sand And Gravel offers and delivers a range of stone-related product, including concrete, crushed asphalt, road base, hardwood mulch, compost granite, arena and cushion sand and pea gravel. Erich says that the company’s location 20 minutes outside of Dallas has been ideal, as it allows them to serve the rural customers that need their services.
    “We started figuring out that there is a marketplace, mainly in areas east of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex,” Erich says. “It’s done pretty well in its first year to year-and-a-half since we’ve been doing this. We’ve stayed fairly busy even with the challenge of not having the greatest weather.”
    Besides being a profitable business, the enterprise has provided Erich and Taylor valuable father-son bonding time. The two had always worked in similar industries and out of the same location (Taylor also owns weed and fertilization control company Extreme Green), and now enjoy working as partners.
    “We work very well together,” Erich says. “I think we have similar goals: we’re both trying to be successful in business and we’re both trying to provide for our families. We’re working hard to be successful and provide a good product and a good service to people.”
    While the Wynns originally dealt with landscaping’s softer side, they find that the stone business isn’t all rough edges.
    “I enjoy the creative side of it,” Taylor says. “I like the start of projects, seeing it in its raw form and then I like seeing what it forms into. It’s fun to watch it progress.”
    “I enjoy the execution aspect of it and the challenge of landing the job to putting together the resources we need to make it happen and seeing it all the way through to completion,” Erich adds.
    With the business running smoothly, Erich and Taylor feel ready to build on the company’s success.
    “We want to expand this side of our business,” Erich says. “One of our drivers, military veteran Herman Tanner, is going for his commercial driver license, which would allow us to go to a larger truck. We’ve learned that, while it’s great having two dump trucks, the size of the dump truck impacts the bottom line. If he is successful in obtaining his commercial driver license, we may look at investing in a larger truck, which will allow us to deliver a larger payload to each job and make us more efficient. We are possibly upgrading some of our equipment to do more jobs, deliver more materials to a wider variety of jobs, and hopefully land more jobs. We may even hire some additional employees to help depending on where this goes.”
    In the meantime, the Wynns are busy recruiting Taylor’s 3-year-old son, who they say is already showing an interest in the company’s day-to-day operations.
    “He has ridden around with me a time or two on a job,” Taylor says. “He is at that age where he is absolutely loves machinery. He’s highly fascinated by all of it. We have a really cool shop with a pond, dump truck and tractors and he loves it. He will spend hours up there if I let him!”
    Stone-related supplier/subcontractor Design Masters Sand And Gravel is in Rockwall. –mjm

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