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K&S family values

image Owner, Junior Kruger

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Garland, TX has and will always be called home for Jan Kruger Jr. (known as “Junior”). So of course, it is the location of his business K&S Heating & Air where he is the president/owner.






    Kruger started his own HVAC company in March of 2008; he was able to do so because of his family roots. Grandpa Kruger had his own HVAC company out of his personal truck in the 1970s. This business became successful with the help of Kruger’s father who eventually took over to own and operate. The company expanded and grew out of just the work truck. In the warehouse is where Kruger learned all about the HVAC industry. He even had a desire to follow in his family’s footsteps and continue the family business.
    Eventually his father’s business was sold to a larger company. At that point in time, Kruger had the knowledge and drive to open up K&S Heating & Air where he can call his very own. The “K” stands for Kruger, and the “S” stands for son. This is a passed-down family trade, and it is likely that Kruger’s children will follow the family path.
    K&S Heating & Air caters to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. If it is within a two-hour drive, they will make it happen. In some cases, they go out further for specific projects. There are about 43 employees, most of who have worked there for over five years.
    Kruger provides HVAC repair, replacement or installation services. In his early years when he was able to attend more job sites, Kruger found troubleshooting a joyful challenge. Finding a solution that no one else is able to resolve is what he appreciates.
    “I enjoyed figuring out what was wrong with a system, especially when others couldn’t before. This was always the most rewarding challenge,” he said.
    K&S Heating & Air offers services to big and small residential projects. Staying busy with many residential calls, they also perform light commercial maintenance and replacement services. The number one requested service is HVAC system installs in new constructed homes. The next highly requested service is tune-up. Jobs are usually received by email or phone. Most recently, 85% of requested HVAC work comes in through email. Through the website, customers utilize the text mes-sage or live chat messaging system.
    According to Kruger, his company is not only a generational family trade business but also a business where everyone feels and treats each other like “work family.” Kruger and his management team recognize the value in all of their employees.
    “We are always open to hearing feedback and suggestions from our employees,” he said. “In fact, we openly encourage it – so much so that many of our current procedures were implemented as a result of such conversations.”
    Since employees are highly valued and are treated like family at K&S Heating & Air, they must have team bonding activities! Every May, there is a pre-summer appreciation party for the entire staff. They eat from their favorite street taco vendor, play games and even hit a piñata! Kruger and the team look forward to it every year.“
    “It is a great time where we can all get together, employees can bond with one another and we can express our gratitude for jobs well done.”
    Kruger cherishes time with his wife and kids. Simple outings like going out to eat or driving the kids around to extracurricular activities is what brings him joy. With his “work family,” Kruger enjoys spending time with his team and witnessing everyone work together like a “well oiled machine.” For Kruger, his business is successful because of his proficient family-oriented team.
    “K&S Heating & Air dedicates ourselves to trying to make our customers feel the same by providing the most efficient, honest and affordable HVAC services we can,” Kruger said.
    K&S Heating & Air is a HVAC company in Dallas, TX. –tnp

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