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A jaunting proposition

image Altus Traffic Management team at Austin Construction Expo L-R: Chris Caywood, Jackie Boguszewski and Justin Ortiz

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Chris Caywood has been invited on jaunts to Las Vegas many times but, as regional manager at Altus Traffic Management LLC and a self-professed workaholic, he always had an excuse not to go. Last month, though, Caywood finally had the best reason to.






    “In the past six months, Altus has come under new ownership and we have become sister companies with several other traffic control companies in the U.S.,” he explains. “We’re now part of Traffic Solutions Group, which is made up of Altus Traffic, Statewide Traffic Safety & Signs, Maneri Sign Company, and Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii. We had a
week long management conference in Vegas. I was fortunate enough to go and meet the heads of the different companies and their lifelong employees. It’s a very good group of people and I think we’re going to have some really exciting times for us.”
    Caywood says another exciting development at Altus is the company’s new president, Jay Jimenez.
    “He’s been with us a year and a half,” Caywood says. “He has been our leader in helping to drive the ownership change in a new direction. He has background in the industry, but he also has a background in many other businesses; it’s always nice for someone to come in with fresh eyes and outside-of-the-box thinking. It helps lift everyone up to the next level.”
    It’s been welcome news for many Altus clients, who can now access a more broadened scope of services.
    “We want to be the go-to pros to handle any traffic control needs, whether that be services, sales, rental or planning,” Caywood says. “We’re doing a heavy investment to be more of the one-stop strategic partner for all of those needs. We’ll stay in our Texas locations – Irving, Austin/Pflugerville, San Antonio, and College Station – as well as add some. We’re very proud to be on board and excited to be part of it.”
    Altus Traffic Management LLC offers traffic control, permitting, equipment rental, event management and training services. –mjm

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