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Work study

image L-R: Nick Hastings, owner/operator and Max Paramo, project manager

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Nick Hastings had just completed his sophomore year as a Birmingham University business management major when he became a businessman himself. Hastings, who as a teen stained concrete floors for a friend, used his trade knowledge to establish Hastings Stained Concrete Floors in 1999.




    “It paid the bills so I kept on doing it,” Hastings, the company’s president/owner/operator, explains. “It was hectic, but it doesn’t take much to feel like you’re doing okay! Things in a general business degree that came in handy to me that you wouldn’t necessarily think of – operations management, strategic planning, accounting,
financing – that definitely helped me understand [my business classes] more since I was operating my own business.”
    In the almost two decades since, Hastings has applied what he learned in his classes and job sites to develop his company.
    “When we started, it was mainly stained and sealed concrete floors,” he says. “Over the years, we’ve added appli-cations of epoxies. Eight years ago, we started doing polishing and grinding, which is where our business evolved. We try to stay to the things we do best – stains, the seals, diamond polishing and epoxies and overlays. We don’t pour any concrete and we don’t do any other type of flooring, and so we try to stay very specific for what we do. We become better each time we do it because it’s where we concentrate our efforts. We do a lot of restaurants, churches, offices and other commercial spaces like bars, stores and hair salons.”
    The company’s 20th anniversary is in June and, being a true businessman, Hastings says the company will celebrate in a “business-as-usual” way.
    “We’re trying to revamp a few things, like our website and social media, so that we reach the audience we need to and get our name out there,” he says. “We’re going to do a little bit better of a push this year for it.”
    Subcontractor Hastings Stained Con-crete Floors is in Dallas. –mjm

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