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Challenge accepted!

image Rinn Randermann arrives at the National Wholesale Supply’s new location.

HOUSTON - When National Wholesale Supply Houston opened last September, the gauntlet was considered thrown.







    “Our motivation, plain and simple, is that we felt we could do business better than our competition here in town, and that’s what we’re going to do,” says Erik Diamond, branch manager of the Houston location.
    NWS’ latest location is the 37th for the company, which Charlie Reynolds established in Denton and Mesquite in 2002. The company, which offers residential and commercial plumbing and fire protection, is expanding its services, too.
    “The scope of our services has grown almost daily,” says Diamond. “Our main focus was plumbing, but we’re going to expand to go after utility work and PVF and eventually get into the HVAC market. Wherever we can grow and expand, we’re going to consider it.”
    Diamond says the Houston branch’s 12 employees offer the same quality service NWS’ other locations do.
    “It’s focused on service, customer relations and hard work. We’re business, sales and distribution, so we’re in a wide range of options. We’re providing service to our contractors; if they have a need and we can fill it, we will,” he says.
    Diamond says client reaction to the new location has been positive and, thanks to the branch’s convenient location at 5333 Werner St, those clients keep on coming.
    “It’s right off of 45; you can see it from the highway,” says Outside Sales Representative Rinn Randermann. “It’s easy to get off the road, stop in, grab material and get back on the road.”
    It’s enough to make the competition see a little red.
    “The challenge is being the new guy in town,” concedes Diamond. “That ruffles a lot of feathers when you make a launch this size, but that’s not going to hold us back. We outwork our competition and our contractors are starting to recognize that.”
    Supplier National Wholesale Supply Inc. is located throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. –mjm

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