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It’s all in the stone

image L-R: Bruce Wiener and Kevin Cronin

DALLAS/FT WORTH - As stated on his website, Bruce Weiner is fascinated with Mother Earth’s creations and her ability to provide raw materials. We consumers use these to enhance the beauty in the environment in which we live and work. This was instrumental in the creation of Bruce’s Stone Solutions.




    Weiner, who started his career in construction working at carpet supply house, found his calling in life when the company he worked for decided to dabble into natural stone. “I had begun helping them develop polishes and discovered I had a knack for it,” says Weiner.    He then began gathering tools and started the company in 2007.
    Bruce’s Stone Solutions (BSS) is not a big company, but you would never know it. Weiner and his life-long friend, Kevin Cronin, do all the work. “We specialize in polishing, honing, grinding, deep cleaning, enhancement, the sealing of granite, marble, travertine and all other natural stones.” They also restore and repair natural stone, clean and seal tile and grout for ceramic and porcelain.
    “I can repair a broken countertop or table top. Typically, I can put it back together that only the owner would ever know it was broken.”
    Weiner is a very hands-on kind of guy. While getting his business up and running, he discovered that one of the machines he needed would cost $20,000-$30,000, so he built his own machine. As a matter of fact, he maintains and repairs all his equipment.
    While BSS performs mostly residential work, they perform some commercial work as well. Regardless of whether the job is residential or commercial, Weiner is careful not to spread himself and Cronin too thin. They take great pride to ensure every job is done to perfection. “We work on one project at a time to ensure the highest quality of work possible.” Thus, their motto is “if you’re not happy, then we’re not done.”
    Bruce’s Stone Solutions is a subcontractor specializing in natural stone restoration in Dallas. -cmw

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