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Starting the year with a merge

image L-R: Jim Filipowicz and Frank Jones shake hands as the merger of their companies become one.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - The energy is high at the offices of Jim Filipowicz & Associates Restoration & Construction and Cavalry Restoration & Construction as the two companies have become one.





    Jim Filipowicz & Associates Restoration & Construction is a San Antonio-based company. Cavalry Restoration & Construction hails from Houston with offices in Dallas and San Antonio. The owners, Jim Filipowicz and Frank Jones, have been friends for years.
    A couple of years ago, Filipowicz and Jones began discussing merging companies. Months later, the talks were set into motion. As of Jan. 1, Jim Filipowicz & Associates Restoration & Construction is now
Cavalry Restoration & Construction, which celebrated 30 years in business this year.
    “We have very similar operations. Over the years we have had a really good cooperative relationship. We share clients, we share subs. If he can’t get to something, he’ll call me to see if I can cover it and vice versa. What’s cool about it is, our clients are different than their clients. We are not canceling each other out. I expect that our clients will be able to be better serviced in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. It just makes sense,” says Filipowicz.
    Cavalry San Antonio will be moving in with the Filipowicz operation having just added 600sf to their office space.
    “Now we have good size offices, big offices in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. We kind of have the triangle covered,” says Filipowiscz. “I really love what the possibilities and potentials are. I really just couldn’t be any happier.”
    “The transition has been a lot better and smoother than I had anticipated. Our two cultures are merging quite well. It’s all good,” says Jones.
    Through the merger, the company is 60 employees strong. There will be a transition with jobs in progress, but Filipowicz and Jones feel they should be totally merged in six months.
    Cavalry Restoration & Construction is a general contractor in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. – cmw

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