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Just Medlin around

image Josh Medlin, owner of Medlin Marble

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Even though Medlin Marble began in 2012, Josh Medlin has been in the trade for almost 20 years, starting right after high school. He had a friend who had a marble and tile company who asked Medlin if he wanted to work for him. That was the beginning of his life’s career path.




    After a few years of working for someone else, Medlin decided to go solo. He did so without forming an official company, which would come later.
    The going was slow at first. Medlin did not have jobs lined up. His former boss would funnel work his way. He passed his business card out profusely; anything to get his name out there.
    The work eventually came. Medlin filed all the necessary paperwork to be an official business.
    Today, Medlin does mostly home remodeling, preferring this over commercial work because he likes working with the individual customer better.
    Medlin will listen to the client, give as many options as he can, but will do what he’s getting paid to do, even if it may not be to his taste. “If they are dead set on it, and that’s what they want,” Medlin said, “that’s what they’re going to get.”
    Medlin does like being turned loose to tap into his creative side. “I like to do different stuff,” he said. “Customer service and making the customer happy is number one.”
    Medlin figures that design trends are about 10 years long. He said that in some older neighborhoods, they like to retain the original feel as much as possible and not go with the current look.
    Medlin gets about 75 percent of the jobs on which he bids. “I’m not the most expensive guy,” he said, “but I’m not the cheapest guy either.”
    When one hires Medlin Marble, he’s getting a contractor that likes being turned loose to do his thing.
    Medlin Marble has its base in Garland. -dsz

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