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Band of brothers

image L-R: Jason McCord, Denise McCord and Ted Wilson of Brothers B&B Contracting

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Some brothers just don’t get along. Cain and Able come to mind. Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn’t on the best of terms with his younger sibling, Jordan.





    However, brothers Jason McCord and Ted Wilson not only get along, they are co-owners of Brothers B&B Contracting (BBB) and make it work.
    BBB was founded by father Bob McCord in 1985. Bob’s partner was also a Bob, hence the original B&B name.
    The two Bobs parted ways in 1989 when they had different visions for the company, with Dad Bob buying out his partner but retaining the name.
    Dad Bob was planning on retiring and folding up the tent, when Ted, who had been raised in the construction world, thought otherwise. He said to Dad Bob, “I think I can do this. Would you be fine with me continuing the business?” He said yes.
    Jason was building custom homes during this time and approached Jason with the idea of him joining the team as a partner. The two brothers agreed on the deal, and B&B Contracting became Brothers B&B Contracting in 2008.
    “That was 10 years ago and we’ve been going strong ever since,” Ted said.
    The two lads weren’t especially close growing up. Jason was in Arkansas and Ted in Dallas. And, there is a 10-year gap in age, Jason being the elder of the two.
    Given enough factors to make working together very difficult, how did the boys make it work?
    One thing they did was to take a personality profile to see how each one was wired.
    “That was the first time I could understand why Ted is hardwired the way he is,” Jason said. The both could understand the other. “It changed everything,” Jason continued. “We’re closer now than we’ve ever been.”
    That may be fine on a personable level, but when it comes to running a for-profit business, that can be a whole ‘nother matter.
    Jason and Ted are 50-50 owners of BBB. However, as Jason explained, “It’s almost like we’re two separate companies but we’re functioning under one umbrella. We each have our own client base.”
    “We have equal roles within the company,” Ted said. “We’re both salesmen. We’re both project managers. We pretty much run in our own lanes. If I find a project that more’s suited to Jason, I’ll just pass it on to him.”
    This division of labor/projects started at the beginning of BBB. When the pair took over from Dad Bob, they inherited his client base. “There were people that Ted worked with and they loved him,” Jason said, “and there were people that I worked with and they loved me.” The two work for the common cause of the company, but they work best independently.
    When it comes to the big picture of BBB and how it runs, Jason and Ted make it work. They have a yearly planning session where they set goals, vision and culture; then they go forth.
    “We don’t do tiebreakers,” Ted said. “We’re both open to each other’s side. We’ve never gotten to the point in 10 years where we needed a tiebreaker.”
    Jason and Ted channel their distinct personalities and skills into a unified whole. That, in turn, has produced a company that is firing on all its cylinders. So much so, that the brothers have ample time to take off and indulge their hobbies of traveling
(Jason) and rock-climbing (Ted).
    “The company takes over [and runs itself] because of the system we have set in place,” Ted said.
    “It’s been an amazing journey for us,” Jason said. “It’s really worked out well for us.”
    Jason and Ted are proof that two siblings can do it right. By using each one’s strengths, they have produced the synergy to be successful. If only Cain and Able had gotten along, they might have actually accomplished something.
    Brothers B&B Contracting runs its ops out of Grand Prairie. -dsz

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