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Get those shutters up

image Pam and Jeff Varnell, owners of Shutter Up Quick and Coppell Realty

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Every house needs windows. And every window needs shutters, right? If so, then ask Jeff Varnell, whose wife Pam owns Shutter Up Quick, to get them for you.






    Jeff owns Coppell Realty. It was through his real estate business that they got into the window treatment business.
    When things were slow during the 2008-era economic slowdown, Jeff and Pam started flipping houses to generate income. “We were doing Chip and JoJo kind of stuff before there was a Chip and JoJo,” he said.
    To make the houses more sellable, Jeff would install nice plantation shutters. It worked. Then more people asked him to install plantation shutters in their homes. So much so, that Pam suggested that they open a window treatment business of their own. Jeff said okay, but since I have the real estate business, you open the window business.
    Pam did in 2008.
    The couple found out that “Shutter Up” was already taken by a company in Florida. They were musing: “Shutter Up Now…Shutter Up In a Hurry.” No, that’s not it. Then their son came up with, “Shutter Up Quick.” That’s it!
    While his and her companies are separate, Jeff does all the sales and measuring of the blinds for Shutter Up Quick, while Pam runs everything else. “I handle the front end,” he said, while  “she handles all the back end.”
    Jeff has seven real estate agents working for him, so he’s always free to meet with a client - both commercial and residential - to begin the process.
    “We’re very customer service friendly,” Jeff said. The entire Varnell clan has helped with getting the orders made and installed. For smaller orders, Jeff and a helper will do it. For larger orders, they use an installation firm.
    “We like to move quick,” Jeff said.
    You know, that sounds like a good name for a business. “Shutter Up When We Get Around To It” just doesn’t work.
    Shutter Up Quick sounds better for an HGTV show anyway.
    Shutter Up Quick is a window treatment company in Coppell. -dsz

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