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Making a comeback

image Joe Cowan, Dallas salesrep

DALLAS/FT WORTH - The 2008 recession was not kind to the construction industry. Many companies succumbed to its affects. Once such company was ICM – Improved Construction Methods.






    ICM was a thriving business before the recession in several markets in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Unfortunately, ICM’s Dallas facility fell prey to the recession’s grasp, but a new life has been breathed back into the Dallas market and ICM is working its way back to life.
    ICM decided to re-open its Dallas branch a little over a year ago. Seeing that the market was coming alive again, Bruce McFadden, founder and president of ICM, knew it was time to get back in the saddle. The new location, located on Hwy. 360 in Grand Prairie, is centrally located to serve the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.
    Forty-eight years ago when ICM first started, manholes were comprised of brick and mortar.  ICM brought to the marketplace forms for cast-in-place manholes.  Today, the precast manhole has become the predominant manhole. The precast manhole is a precast pipe that is set in place as the contractor lays pipe.
    “Manholes are a necessary evil,” says McFadden. “Precast manholes are better for the contractor because they need to get the pipe laid. That’s where they really make their money. Setting a precast manhole allows them to move faster.”
    “ICM is continuously on the lookout for new products and methods to assist contractors,” adds CEO Harry Bell.  They’ve developed a system for pumping grout in the joints and recoating manholes. In addition, ICM now offers a wide array of products in underground tools and products, above-ground products and equipment, survey equipment, GPS-GIS mapping equipment along with specialty items for testing pipe, hydrostatic testing and vacuum testing.
    ICM – Improved Construction Methods is a manufacturer and supplier of construction tools, methods and equipment. –cmw

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