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Everything from A to X

image Alonzo Andrade, owner of A & X Masonry

DALLAS/FT WORTH - We use the expression “A to Z” to mean the complete deal, the sum totality of something.






    A & X Masonry is just two letters short, but that doesn’t mean it’s less than complete. It just means Alonzo Perez’s 9-year old son’s name isn’t Zachery, it’s Xavier.
    A & X Masonry is named for Perez’s two sons: Alexander (13) and Xavier (9). Perez started his masonry company in 2009. The Dallas native had a friend who invited him to work with him in construction. Perez started out as a laborer. He then slowly weeded out that which he wasn’t good at or didn’t like (plumbing, roofing) and settled on masonry.
    Some conflict and shenanigans within the company for which he was working caused Perez to leave them and start his own. He started by doing brick and stone mailboxes. Perez said mailboxes run from $750-$1,000 apiece, depending on what the customer wants.
    Perez likes working with clients and seeing their dream come to fruition as a completed project. When he meets with someone new, he has a woman who hand draws on the spot designs and concepts, to get the project rolling. Many customers, however, will already have pictures or drawings already to go.
    Sometimes, the client has some very high-end ideas, but only a medium-end budget.  That’s when the back-and-forth exchange takes place.
    Perez will do anything in the masonry spectrum: new construction, repairs, color matching for brick and stone, etc.
    Perez figures that his work, on the residential side, is 30 percent done as the house is being built, while 70 percent is part of a remodel job post moving-in.
    If a person wants to incorporate the other trades in a project, like a waterfall in the bricks, or lights or wood parts, A & X Masonry has a full compliment of talent. “We have all trades in our company,” Perez said, among his 10 full-time employees.
    Even though this figure can fluctuate, at the moment, Perez does 50 percent commercial and 50 percent residential. His estimates are good for six months while people await their income tax returns.
    Perez’s two sons will follow in his footsteps and get the company some day. Keeping the name as A & X Masonry should be the easy part, as the two boys will be the complete deal then.
    A & X Masonry is in Garland. -dsz

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