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Appreciation with competiton

image Group photo of all category winners

DALLAS/FT WORTH - On Nov. 9, Ridgemont Commercial Construction showed appreciation to their talented team of subcontractors by hosting a “Subcontractor Appreciation BBQ.” The day was filled with great food, friends and more as the Ridgemont field staff prepared barbeque with all the fixins.




    The Ridgemont team changed things up a little by having a friendly cook-off competition. Each team was given the
opportunity to create a dish for each category for best bloody Mary, best appetizer, best meat entrée and best dessert.  Items were scored on a 1-10 scale for presentation, appeal, flavor and creativity. –cmw

Grand Champion: Wildstone Construction

Best Bloody Mary:

1st Place: Kent Concrete
2nd Place: Wildstone Construction
3rd Place: AALC

Best Appetizer:
1st Place: Brian Thompson, Ridgemont with Lollypop Chicken
2nd Place: Wildstone with Jalapeno Poppers
3rd Place:
Southwest Construction with Chicken Wangs

Best Meat Entrée:

1st Place: Wildstone Construction with Ribs and Pulled Pork
2nd Place:
Wright Construction with Sliders
3rd Place: Southwest Construction with Ribs

Best Dessert:
1st Place: C&F Electric, Bread Pudding
2nd Place: Brian Thompson, Ridgemont - Smores
3rd Place: Wildstone Construction, Slap Yo Momma Apple

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