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Take a close look

image Donna Pilant, Cre8stone office manager

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Creativity alone is nothing without a proper business plan. The business model that Cre8stone has implemented has brought them success in residential and now commercial projects. The company started in 2011, with their main warehouse and showroom located in Carrollton.




    Cre8stone is a remodeling company that does not tear anything out. How? “We can apply our spray on limestone over anything vertical. Think of anything that you don’t walk on, including arches and ceilings,” explained office manager, Donna Pilant. “It is all hand carved and when we put the coloring in it we use a natural mineral pigment.” The product originally came from Europe, but the company improved on it. “Our product is our own proprietary ingredients,” said Pilant.
    The Cre8stone limestone is light and weighs only six lbs. per sq. ft. It can go over brick, wood, sheet rock and cinder block, or over metal, but would need to have some wood put down to stabilize the metal. “A lot of people that are going with the Coronado stone find that we are less expensive and we are the real thing, we are real limestone,” shared Pilant.
    The company also focuses on flooring and counter tops. Their flooring is a crushed quartz that they can put both inside and outside. It does go over cement and tile. The counter tops are done with a “finer crushed quartz” that can go over any type of counter top. “With ours you never have to seal it again. It is very scratch and heat resistant.”
    The company has about five crews and they also sell distributorships.  “We are starting to branch out all over,” said Pilant. They service the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and other parts of Texas. In fact, a recent “spectacular” job completed was with the airport hangar in Addison. “That has received a lot of attention. Everybody seems to fall in love with it once they see it,” said Pilant.
    Cre8stone is a remodeling company located in Carrollton, TX. –lv

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