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Hot water now if not sooner

image Tom Crabtree, manager of the Dallas office of Water Heaters Only.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - The Ghostbusters team will come a’running if you come across an apparition. But when your hot water heater goes kaput, you call Water Heaters Only.






    Tom Crabtree runs the Dallas office of Water Heaters Only (WHO) from its northern California headquarters. WHO was founded in 1968 by Pat McGee, a plumber who kept getting so many calls for water heaters that he decided he could make a go of it doing just them.
    “The call volume that came in was enough [for McGee] to drop pulling toilets and snaking lines to just doing water heater replacement.” Crabtree explained.   
    “When people want hot water, they want it today,” Crabtree said. A regular plumbing truck, for instance, is fitted with shelving and all sorts of parts and equipment. This doesn’t leave room for water heaters. This causes a delay in getting one installed if the plumber has to go back and get one. Hence, McGee revamped his trucks to carry hot water heaters all the time, thus able to instantly solve the problem of no hot water.
    With offices in California, Texas and Arizona, Crabtree said that different models of hot water heaters work better in different areas of the country. “In the Texas area, we find that Rheem is the most reliable.”
    Crabtree’s background is in construction, but “construction does take its toll on a body, so this job just happened to come along; checked it out and I liked it and have been here 19 years.”
    WHO does about 30 percent repair and 70 percent replacement. A typical water heater lasts 10-15 years. If one’s heater is getting up in years, it’s simply not worth repairing it. “It’s like rotating bald tires on your car,” Crabtree said.
    Crabtree monitors the Dallas office remotely, using all the modern methods of staying connected. The folks in Dallas stay plenty busy either in the office or in the field. “Everyone’s on the job,” he proudly stated, and ready to give you hot water now, if not sooner.
    Water Heaters Only is located in California with a Dallas office. -dsz

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