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Quiet and clear

image Spagnola Land Solutions owner Austin Spagnola and Beau just being Beau

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Most mornings, Austin Spagnola wakes up at 5 a.m. and tries to beat the morning traffic, with his equipment and Beau, his 1-year-old German shorthaired pointer, in tow.






    When he and Beau arrive on site, Spagnola queues up the day’s entertainment and Beau begins the serious work of chasing birds and bugs. The quiet hours ahead riding the equipment and clearing the land is something the owner of Spagnola Land Solutions LLC savors.
    “I listen to a lot of podcasts, mostly sports; that’s usually how I pass the time,” Spagnola says. “I’ve always been kind of to myself, so I like being alone in the machine.”
    He discovered his enjoyment of land clearing years ago when his parents purchased 70 acres in Salina.
    “We bought and worked with equipment and spent two years clearing the land ourselves, and I just kind of had
a passion for it,” Spagnola says. “After I graduated from the University of Missis-sippi with a degree in finance real estate, I sold used trucks for a year and at the end of that year, I left the car business and decided I was going to start my own company.”
    Work has had him waking up at 5 am plenty since he established Spagnola Land Solutions LLC last year.
    “We just finished with an abandoned warehouse on five acres in Dallas, which was completely overgrown and that we completely cleared,” he says. “We graded the whole five acres, laid down gravel rock and compacted it for parking.”
    Spagnola says clearing land in the country, especially cattle farms, is his favorite work, and he has dreams of business growth.
    “I would want to grow to a certain extent, although I don’t think I want more locations,” he says. “One location in Dallas with a lot more equipment and employees and a multi-million dollar company over what I am right now is where I would want to be.”
    Land clearing subcontractor Spagnola Land Solutions LLC is located in Aubrey, TX. –mjm

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