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Celestial current

image Ronnie and Sandra Rossi, owners of Halo Electric

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Ronnie and Sandra Rossi have a clear reason for naming their company Halo Electric: “We’re strong believers in God,” she said, “and we wanted a name that would thank Him, because if it wasn’t for Him, we wouldn’t have what we have.”





    What they have is a small but robust electrical contracting business. The residential to commercial split is about 60-40. Halo doesn’t do much advertising at all. “We have a lot of customers that we’ve had for years,” Sandra said. “They never go anywhere else.” The folks (residential and commercial) will refer Halo to other customers.
    The Rossis have been in the electrical businesses for a while. They had an earlier company that worked in the oil and natural gas arena in north Texas, but changes in that field took them back to Fort Worth where they started Halo in 2014. It was one of their sons who picked the name, “Halo.”
    Sandra runs the office with fielding the calls and dispatching their folks. When it comes to doing electricity, she says of Ronnie, “There isn’t much he can’t do.”
    “You name it, we’ve done it,” Sandra said. A big trend these days is people flipping houses, and that is going on in Fort Worth. An older home’s electrical system is grandfathered, but has to be updated to current codes when it gets remodeled.
    The Rossis get a lot of calls from do-it-yourselfers, who suddenly find that they really can’t do their own wiring. It sometimes takes a little zap to discover that.
    Halo services the entire Metroplex area, but will pick jobs carefully that are further out. They did upgrade the county jail in Muskogee, OK, when it went to all LED lighting.
    Ronnie and Sandra don’t want to grow so big that the quality of their work might suffer. “We pace ourselves,” Sandra said. “We want to leave something behind for the sons.”
    “We’re faithful to God and we service Him first,” she said. And everything else will be added unto that, the Good Book says.
    Halo Electric is an electrical contractor in Fort Worth. -dsz

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