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New owner, same dedication

image Jason Scoggins (far left) with two of his team members outside a coffee processing plant.

DALLAS/ FT WORTH - Jason Scoggins is a self-confessed workaholic who loves what he does. When he and Trent Henckell started Alpha Industries LLC in 2013, they quickly established themselves as the go-to company for equipment installation (especially for the food industry) and structural welding.





    The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce chose them as the best new small company of 2017.
    The only downside of all this success was it was hard for Scoggins to be all things to all people, all at the same time. Something had to give.
    What gave was his stake in the ownership of Alpha. Let’s back up. Prior to starting Alpha, Scoggins was working in Pennsylvania. He did well, made many good contacts and life was good. Scoggins hooked up with Henckell and came back his native Texas to form Alpha.
    Scoggins and Henckell had other business interests that they sold. They floated the idea of selling Alpha as well. As it turned out, a contact from Pennsylvania came into the picture, and the pair sold their ownership to Jeff Homer in July 2018.
    Henckell has moved on to other business ventures in Colorado. Scoggins, however, is doing exactly what he was doing at Alpha, minus the duties that come with being an owner of a business.
    “I still do the same type of leadership and same type of management [as before],” he said. “I’m in charge of everything that is going on within Alpha in terms of overseeing [day-to-day ops].” Simply put, Scoggins said, “I solve problems all day.”
    Homer has the title of president, while Scoggins is the chief operating officer.
    Alpha Industries are experts in installing equipment for the food industry, such as a coffee processing plant in Fort Worth and a pasta installation in Cleburne. Installing equipment in food production facilities requires Alpha to be proficient in the various regulations that ensure that the consumer doesn’t end up with metal shavings in one’s coffee, or contaminated penne noodles. Sometimes vegetable oil is used as a lubricant, as opposed to other types used in industrial settings.
    “I believe in extreme accountability,” Scoggins said. “If you can develop a culture where everyone is accepting accountability for their actions, things tend to flow a lot better. And I try to implement that.”
    By not being the owner, Scoggins is better able “to give everyone what they deserve,” be they his co-workers, his new boss, or his family. He said he doesn’t need the title of “entrepreneur” to do that.
    Alpha Industries stays mostly in the Fort Worth area, but has gone as far east as Longview, south to Austin and north to Denton. Scoggins would like to grow the employee number to over 100 within the next five years.
    The main thing is to maintain the quality he wants to be known for. “Good people want to work with good people,” Scoggins said. “When you work with good people and having fun…it makes you want to do better. And everyone benefits.”
    Now that Scoggins doesn’t have to have the job description of owner as well as COO, he’s free to deliver the goods to his customers, who, in turn, deliver the goods to us.
    A good cup of coffee goes very well with a plate of pasta.
    Alpha Industries LLC specializes in equipment installation, manufacturing and structural welding in the Fort Worth area. -dsz

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