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From NY to North Texas

image Silvano Salvatici of Sublime Concrete.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Don’t let his Queens, NY accent fool you: Silvano Salvatici’s life is in Texas. Don’t be fooled by Salvatici’s extensive telecom background either; the Sublime Concrete Solutions LLC owner left that behind to enjoy a 15-year career in the decorative concrete industry.





    “Decorative concrete is something I discovered on my own,” Salvatici says. “I was in telecom and in 2003, telecom was not having a good time. I always wanted to start my own business, and I saw decorative concrete as an expanding opportunity. I took a two-day course and for the next two months I created a number of samples. I gave the first couple of jobs away at cost and that’s how I got started in Plano. In 2003 and 2004, I had a full-time job while launching this and then in 2005, I started doing this full-time.”
    “I’ve grown up, so to speak, in the corporate telecom world, and I came away with a certain range of expectations. When I got into construction, I found out my expectations were way off,” he says. “I had to learn how to deal with different skill sets and how the people in construction are compared to other industries. That takes a lot to adjust to.”
    Salvatici originally offered overlays and later branched out into concrete pouring and stamped concrete, and then concrete polishing, which is his favorite.
    “You take a piece of concrete that generally does not look very nice and you make it into something really nice. That gives me the most satisfaction.”
    Salvatici does a lot of education with his customers.
    “The biggest misconception is that everybody thinks it’s just concrete,” he explains. “Every piece of concrete is different. The coloring is different, the porosity is different, the way it was poured is different, and the way the material makes it up is different from batch to batch. You really have to make sure people understand up front that, because of that, no two slabs come out the same. When you do a color, it doesn’t come out the same from project to project, and in many cases the texture and what it looks like doesn’t come out the same.  It always comes out beautiful but it changes from job to job. It makes every project unique in its own way.”
    When he hit his 15-year milestone, to Salvatici, it was “just another day.” He says he still loves his work.
    “I enjoy walking away with a happy customer,” he says. ”We’ve learned to do many different things in my business. The amount of what we have learned, the skill set that I personally bring with me now from the sales and installation points of view, it’s a lot easier than it was back then.”
    As he looks forward, he says he is planning the direction he wants to take the company.
    “Each slab – the way you approach it and the way you do the work – is different, so I’m looking to standardize it a little bit more so that it’s a little bit more repeatable and not so intensive on training. I want to grow from there. At the moment I have two full-time employees, although it varies from time to time. My business model is changing and I find it’s a little bit easier to have it smaller than bigger.”
    “This is basically what I do all of the time, and it allows me to do some other things too,” Salvatici adds. “We’re looking at launching an outdoor kitchen business, where we prefabricate outdoor kitchens in the shop and basically drop them in place. Being in the decorative concrete business, it allows me to look around and see what other things we might be able to do. It will be under the same name; we’re still developing the product and will probably launch in 2019.”
    Decorative concrete subcontractor Sublime Concrete Solutions LLC is in Plano. –mjm

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