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Aluminum ally

image Steven Benavides (right) watching helper Scottie weld in his shop.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - In the welding world, Steven Benavides has fused a niche for himself. Among the welding services that the owner of Benavides Welding Works, LLC offers, it’s his work with aluminum that makes him stand apart for the competition.






    “I do all kinds of different projects, from small jobs like ADA handrails to jobs where I’m on site for months, but I have a lot of people call me for aluminum work because not a lot of people do it,” Benavides explains. “Some people want aluminum because it’s a lightweight metal. Welding companies come to me for my aluminum work, and it’s kind of neat that I’m out-of-the-box.”
    Welding first sparked Benavides’ interest when he was a boy watching his grandfather work on farm equipment.
    “Both of my grandfathers have their own businesses,” he says. “I didn’t think I was going to work for myself, but later on in life it just kind of happened. After high school, I learned how to weld at a company in Lewisville. Eventually, I started doing my own side jobs and found I liked doing it for myself.”
    He liked it so much that, in 2015, he took out equity in his home, bought welding equipment and started his company out of his home’s garage. Word of mouth, boosted by his previous employer’s positive referrals and on-site mobile welding gigs, gave him enough success to employ part-time help.     
    “I’m trying to get more equipment and expand but stay in the same city,” he says. “I expanded last year with another building and more space. I’m getting more equipment to do different things to reach out to more customers.”
    Having a shop close to home gives him more time with his three children and to spark their interest in the trade.
    “I showed my 14-year-old daughter, my 11-year-old daughter and my 10-year-old son how to weld, and I even let them come in on the weekends and do the welding,” he says. “I had to learn welding, but the first time all three of them picked up a welding machine, it was like they had been doing it their whole lives! People tell me it is in their blood, to just look at their dad.”
    Welding subcontractor Benavides Weld-ing Works, LLC is in Lewisville. –mjm

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