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The third to finish out

image Back row L-R: Ryan Culp, Walter Foster, Spencer Smith, Christa Conroy, Daniel Dixon, Cori McCaffrey, Delaney Broyles, Kelley McIntyre, Brandon Bell, Nooraddin Jabouri, Kolby Hanzel, Alfredo Garcia, Abraham Escobedo and Miguel Rodriguez. Front row L-R:

DALLAS/FT WORTH - It’s rare to have three generations in the same industry, but it’s a fame the Naylor family can claim. Greg Naylor, whose father was a painter, started Naylor Commercial Interiors Inc. in 1985, and Greg’s son Josh Naylor, who worked his way up in the company, purchased it in 2012. Josh soon brought on wife Marilyn Naylor as CFO and they hope their daughter will become the fourth generation in the industry.




    “When we started, it was literally interior finish-out of small law firms and little tenant improvement office spaces,” Marilyn explains. “We started getting into some of the bigger projects; NorthPark’s Neiman Marcus really put our company on the map. This job really opened the door for us to branch out into other sectors of the construction industry.”
    The company’s high-profile projects include the George Bush Library, Parkland Hospital, Old Parkland and the TCU football and basketball stadiums. The team is currently wrapping up the new Rolex building downtown and will soon start work on the Windrose Tower in Legacy West.
    Marilyn says that rather than subcontracting the work, the company proudly and exclusively utilizes the talents of its 125 employees. Performing all mud, paint and wallcoverings in house. It also takes pride in the way the company treats their team. New Business Development and Marketing Manager Delaney Broyles says Naylor Commercial Interiors Inc. is “a family-owned business first.”
    “We wouldn’t have jobs without our men and women in the field, and so our priority is to build more of a community within them,” Broyles says. “We constantly set up team building opportunities. Every quarter we do a field appreciation party and safety stand down; we bring every field member to our warehouse and we do training over certain safety needs at that time. Our goal is to create an opportunity for the field and the office staff to come and get to know each other. It has really created a unity. We’re actually seeing it in their work. It gives them more of a motivation and a reason to get up every day and work hard to make our projects beautiful.”
    Naylor Commercial Inc. is also involved in bettering the community outside of their company.
    “We are very connected to and give heavily to the Dallas International School,” Marilyn says. “We are constantly promoting a diverse culture and working to bring multiple cultures together. Our office is probably the most diverse in our industry, so that cause is very close to us. We also donate paint or have the office go out and help paint for Habitat for Humanity. A lot of the GCs are very much community forward and so when they offer opportunities for us to help sponsor or donate, we do everything we can to help other organizations as well.”
    After 33 years, the company continues to look to the future, but wants to arrive there at its own pace.
    “Our goal is to grow moderately to conservatively,” Marilyn says. “We’ve been around long enough, have grown really quickly and that can be a little dangerous sometimes. We would like to grow at a nice seven to 10 percent a year. Our ultimate goal for the next 10 years is to have four more locations. We’re probably going to stick to what we know, master it and go by location as opposed to adding more services. There are so many great subs out there that specialize in their trade that we don’t want to be subpar at something. We just want to master what we do.”
    Marilyn enjoys witnessing all of the projects the family has mastered in North Texas.
    “I love driving through Dallas watching the buildings go up and knowing that we touched a piece of that. It’s an amazing feeling,” she says. “When you’re walking through a restaurant or a building and everybody talks about it, we can go, ‘Yep, we did that!’ We’ve definitely left a footprint.”
    Interior/exterior painting subcontrac-tor Naylor Commercial Interiors Inc. is in Dallas. –mjm

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