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Eyes forward

image L-R: Sales Representative Tanner Shugart, Co-owner Cole Garrison and Co-owner Mike Slaughter at WaterTight’s annual Christmas party in Fort Worth.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - These two long time friends attended the same college at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. From there they parted, but not for long. While one spent time in San Antonio and the other in Austin, a time came where they found themselves coming across the roofing industry. Once they started up in the roofing industry, they never looked back.




    Today, Cole Garrison and Mike Slaughter are the co-owners of WaterTight Roofing. The company was established in 2011 and has several locations across Texas, including a Fort Worth location.
    WaterTight specializes in commercial roofing and their team is comprised of three office employees, 16 sales reps, five estimators and six roofing crews.
    Slaughter says they have built their company based on their mission of providing the highest quality commercial, energy-efficient roofing systems, to honor their warranties and be available to all customers for services or repairs.
    We asked if any particular project completed had any challenges. Slaughter simply stated, “Whether it’s a large radius roof, meaning it’s a metal curved roof, or an older roof that has had a lot of leaks in the past, our team and crews are efficient and thorough in ensuring a solid product.”
    WaterTight does all types of commercial roofing systems, including energy-efficient options. “We talk with the building owners and then decide what option is best for them and their business long-term” Garrison states.
    They have sales reps in different locations and are able to efficiently service locations throughout the state. With Slaughter living in Fort Worth and Garrison in Austin, Fort Worth serves as a common meeting place for the company employees. “We like to plan several gatherings throughout the year for our employees and their families” Garrison adds, “We believe this is an important part of running a business and taking care of our team.”
    WaterTight Roofing is a subcontractor commercial roofing company based in Fort Worth, TX. –lv

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