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Long on service

image Tommie Long, owner of Long Electric and Air Conditioning, next to his truck featuring Watson

DALLAS/FT WORTH - As second-generation owner of Long Electric and Air Conditioning, Tommie Long doesn’t run the company by sitting behind a desk in an air-conditioned office.






    No, he’s out in the field (which means, hot sun) fixing everyone’s AC.
    Long joined Long Electric in 1979, the company started by his father Tom and uncle Harold. Long bought Harold’s 50 percent half of the company when Harold returned to Oklahoma in 1977.
    Then, when dad Tom retired in 1979, Long bought out his half, becoming the sole owner, along with his wife Mary.
    Currently, the entire company is run by members of the Long family, to include son Kevin and daughter Kellie, along with her husband John. Long isn’t sure if any of his grandkids will follow suit in the family business, but for now, the plan is for Kellie and Kevin to assume command once that day comes when he turns in his wrench.
    Kellie recently completed her degree in business and will handle all the administration.
    While Long Electric can handle any type of AC unit, they specialize in Lennox.
    Long does light commercial repair and remodeling. One problem he sees, besides the usual type of maintenance repair, is the home or business owner having a too-small AC unit. When someone remodels their facility and adds on a room or square footage, the existing AC system becomes too small to handle the larger space. The extra strain causes breakdowns.
    The AC world is “constantly changing,” said Long. It is going to all aluminum evaporator coils to end leakage. When the government passes a new policy or standard due to environmental reasons, that word gets to the AC manufacturers, then down to the field.
    Long likes to ride his motorcycle and go camping when he’s not busy keeping the rest of us cool. Long Electric and Air Conditioning is a total family business, and the next generation is poised to keep it that way in an ever-changing world.
    Long Electric and Air Conditioning is an AC, heating and electric contractor in Irving, TX. -dsz

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